Given some of the utter tosh that I've watched over the years, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me to discover that I've also taped a lot of utter tosh. Mind you, even knowing that, it's weird what colonises the ends of video tapes, lurking in forgotten nooks and crannies, from back in the days when I used to use the things regularly. Some things are reasonable enough, if long forgotten. Others are just downright bizarre.

... )
So, to the final three episodes of Baywatch. Sadly the writers still seem convinced that what I really want to see, in these dying days of the show, is more of Cort and Eddie sandwiched together into an irritating double act; but there's entertaining stuff as well. Or there sort of is. Admittedly some of it isn't exactly easy to get to.

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Back at Malibu Beach, things are changing. In the space between disc #4 and disc #5, Baywatch has suddenly turned into The Cort & Eddie Show. Words cannot express how overjoyed I am about this development. And yes, that is a completely blatant lie.

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There have been developments at Baywatch Headquarters since we last visited Malibu Beach - we've acquired a new lifeguard. I'm not sure quite why the producers felt in need of one, since there's not enough for the present cast to do as it is, but nonetheless, there's a new recruit. His name is Cort, and he's a jerk. There's no nicer way to put that, really. For some reason, not only did the producers decide that they needed a new character, but they also felt that he needed to be an egotistical irritant with a head bigger than the whole of California. He keeps doing these little smiles, like we're supposed to find him endearing, but really he's just a jerk. Still, he is the driving force behind my favourite episode of Baywatch, so I suppose I shouldn't be too hard on him. Possibly.

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For those on tenterhooks, it turns out that the policeman who hates the sea is called Garner - which is a surname, but apparently his parents got confused. Either that or James Garner did, and since he's cooler (obviously), I'm siding with him. And before I go completely off at a tangent, the Australian bloke who was also nameless last time is called Trevor. So obviously he's better off just being nameless.

That's the updates completed, then. On with the rest of the pointless rambling.

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So, only a year late...

About a year ago (in December 2009), I admitted to having bought season one of Baywatch, and said that I would probably be watching it in the new year. And here we are in the new year. Not the intended one, granted, but a new year nonetheless. Last year was complicated and confusing, and mostly involved watching cowboys and Dean Martin. And, wherever possible, Dean Martin being a cowboy. But now here we go with Baywatch, season one. The only watchable season.

Being the one with Parker Stevenson, and not Pamela Anderson. )
The Hardy Boys is nearly over. Actually it's just season two that's nearly over, but season three has never had a proper release, so I can't really review that properly. I do have a few episodes from *cough* alternative sources *cough*, but they're not good enough quality to screencap. Thus it ends with season two.

At least until somebody pulls their finger out and releases season three )
Well, I got my wish. Nancy came back, and she had more to do.

And by golly it's awful. )

NB: I am aware that the Doctor regenerated tonight, but the episode aired too early, so I couldn't have caught the beginning. I'll watch later on. Might report back with some thoughts on the subject, but then again probably won't. To be perfectly honest, I've only enjoyed a handful of Tenny's episodes anyway, so I'm kind of in two minds about it all. Still, we'll see.
I was in a charity store earlier, and I found the complete Baywatch season one on DVD. Somewhat rumpled and battered, and costing the princely sum of £2.50. Needless to say, it decided to come home with me, so be aware that there will – at some point in the new year – be a fair amount of stupidity, and probably screencaps. Not to mention an attempt to convince the world (or this bit of it, at any rate) that Parker Stevenson is awesome.

Ah yes. Parker Stevenson... )
Many years ago (fifteen, ouch), the makers of Baywatch decided that there simply weren't enough opportunities to blow stuff up in a series about lifeguards, so they set out to make a new show. The result was some twenty episodes of a spectacularly silly comedy adventure series called Thunder In Paradise, a show that only ever had one viewer. Me. It's been a while since I last watched it, so I've decided it's time to dig out the DVDs again. And to the wonderment and joy (or tears) of anybody who happens to pass this way, I've decided to share the experience with the internet. No, really. There's no need to thank me. Thunder In Paradise, then. So, what's it all about?

You may wish you hadn't asked. )



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