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( Jan. 18th, 2019 09:30)
Fandom: Blake's 7
Characters: Primarily Tarrant
Gen, c.700 words

[community profile] fandom_stocking fic for [personal profile] fififolle

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Only one post that I could possibly make today. Celebrating the best frocks, the best hats, the best smirk, and the best evil dictator in sci-fi.

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( Jul. 28th, 2018 20:03)
A couple of you have done this, and I thought I'd join in, as once again I haven't posted in ages. And this is easy!

List the first sentence (or two because a couple of those first sentences are quite short) of each of the last ten fics you posted.

    The sky screamed with the fury of a thousand owls.
    Growth And Decay (The Gormenghast Trilogy)

    "Hove to, and prepare to be boarded!"
    Never A Dull Moment (Blake's 7)

    "I don't think this is London," said Ian, from the doorway of the TARDIS.
    Tomorrow (Doctor Who)

    They stood together at the end of it all, in a pool of black light, watching the last of the stars fade.
    Ebb And Flow (Sapphire & Steel)

    Cutter still blamed Helen.
    Toothmarks (Primeval)

    Sometimes the Earth died in fire.
    Fire & Brimstone (Captain Jack)

    There was green upon the air once again.
    The Green Woman (Robin Of Sherwood)

    "It's Christmas," observed Sapphire, with a trace of wonder in her tone.
    Assignment 3½ (Sapphire & Steel)

    For all the undoubted blessings and benefits that he had discovered in the 1960s, there were, thought Adam Adamant, one or two definite failings also to be found in that august decade.
    The Violet Viper (Adam Adamant Lives!)

    Clocks ticked. So many clocks, lining the walls, ticking and tocking away the seconds of inexorable time.
    Drabble (Doctor Who)

Blake's 7/Star Wars, Jenna Stannis & Han Solo, so who's the fastest smuggler/pilot this side of the galaxy?

Fandoms: Blake's 7 and Star Wars (original flavour)
Characters: Jenna Stannis, Han Solo & Chewbacca
Gen/crossover, c. 6000 words

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I know it's an old one, but it's always worth reposting. And what better way to mark the passing of another Gauda Prime Day?

Whoever and wherever you are, Dunebasher1971, thank you!

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( Oct. 1st, 2017 21:22)
I just found this post, which I apparently wrote on August 6th, and have no memory of at all. I do remember [personal profile] thisbluespirit doing the poetry meme again, and me thinking what a good idea that was; but it's news to me that I actually did it! Anyway, it's a simple enough endeavour (and I recommend it). You write down five fandoms, and then go here, and write down the fifth line of the random poem that you land on - whatever it is, and believe me, there's some doozies. Then hit refresh a few times until you've got five. Use them as inspiration for a ficlet for each fandom. Usually you'll end up with at least four poems by Emily Dickinson, but try not to find it too disheartening. The internet has always been obsessed with her.

(Not posting for two months isn't one of the rules, incidentally. That just happened, for reasons. Mostly involving stupidity.)

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Written for [community profile] b7friday. Prompt: Villains.

PG, c. 1000 words.

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Title: None
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings/Content Warnings/Notes: None, but some indirect spoilers I guess.

prompt: #027 - rebel

They had never planned for rebellion. Thievery, yes – piracy, maybe. Blake had been the visionary, with his wild dreams of anarchy as salvation; but he had left them. Half of the present crew had never even met him – and yet here they all were, caught in the slipstream of his ideals. Five squabbling outlaws with the galaxy breathing down their necks, either awaiting liberation, or with designs upon the reward. A bewitching psychopath for a shadow, and inevitability chasing at their heels; it was all leading somewhere. Avon only wished there were some room for doubt about where that was.
I know, I am a very bad poster. I've been trying to keep up to date with you all, but I apologise for the lack of comments. I don't seem to have had the brain for it recently. November was a heck of a month! But now it's December; and hey, Donald Trump hasn't blown us all up yet. Not necessarily for lack of trying.

So, what's been going on. Well, it got cold. I'm still sulking about that. I was mostly working outside this summer, and the back of my neck went the sort of colour likely to get it kicked out of the country by UKIP. It's well on its way back to its old, boring shade now though. Woe. I complained to my mother about how dull and pasty we are, but she did point out that it would have caused all kinds of problems with my father if I had come out a different colour. Which is true. But still.

In fandomosity, Laramie continues to be entertaining. Lucifer has become gloriously unmissable. I'm still occasionally watching episodes of Simon & Simon, because it is indeed the series that never stops. I've also started watching Heroes. I missed it when it first aired (can't remember why); and then everybody seemed to agree that seasons two and three were terrible, so there seemed little reason to start. I found season one for a quid in a charity shop recently though, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. And hurrah, it's fab. Or at least it currently is. I think I've seen four episodes. I see that episode four aired in October of 2006, so I'm only ten years and two months behind, which is quite good for me. Current thinking: Peter Petrelli needs to die, and quickly. And somebody get him a haircut, for Rassilon's sake. Suresh rocks though. Sadly it seems that Aramis will be mostly wielding a paintbrush rather than a sword, for verily there is no justice in the world. *heavy sigh* And Hiro is pretty awesome.

I say it's fab, and it mostly is, but it has made me think. As it started, I was quite impressed with the diversity of the cast. To begin with. But whilst the guys are all colours and shapes, and are professors and techies and go-getting politicians, etc, the women are both petite blondes. And one's a stripper and the other's a cheerleader. Hmm. (Incidentally, thank you all, for I probably wouldn't have noticed that once upon a time, and I do think it's better that it should register).

In the news today, I see that Peter Vaughan has died. This makes me sad. Partly because he was a larger than life character actor (ninety-three years old!), whose career spanned all kinds of things. But also partly because that pretty much leaves Colin Jeavons as the lone surviving Adam Adamant Lives! enemy; of the existing episodes, anyway. Chapters are always ending. C'est la vie, I know, but it doesn't hurt to be a little wistful.

As a parting shot, courtesy of the excellent @Trundles_bot on Twitter, have a link to a .pdf of the Blake's 7 1981 annual. Hilarious costumes abound! If you're on Twitter, I very much recommend following @scorpioattackb7, incidentally. They're doing a weekly episode review, with some fabulous publicity shots, and snippets of background information unearthed from all sorts of places. It's a fascinating read. Up next is "Orbit", so prepare for Christmas to be ruined all over again when they hit "Blake" in a matter of weeks!

Um. Yeah, that's about all. Bye.

Blake's 7, Dayna/Tarrant, flying

Fandom: Blake's 7
Characters: Dayna and Tarrant
Gen, c. 1300 words

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( Dec. 29th, 2015 21:36)
I moved house in 2012. Theoretically a simple enough procedure, but it turned into a comedy of errors so far as my internet connection was concerned. I can't blame my ISP, which seemed to be doing its best, but BT were a nightmare. I don't think it can actually have been sixteen years before I was reconnected, but it certainly felt like it. I spent the offline time intending to accomplish something useful, but in reality doing some extensive moping, and quite possibly squeaking every time I looked at my computer. Oh, and I rewatched Blake's 7, which seemed like a worthwhile use of my time. And wrote a Torchwood/Rentaghost crossover, which isn't really a worthwhile use of anybody's time, but whatever.

Beyond that, pass. When I started this, I thought that these would be the easy years, but they're not. I know a few things, obviously - Arab Spring, ISIS, David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith being dicks, etc, but for the most part recent history is a mystery to me. I'm sure something must have happened somewhere in 2012. There was Hurricane Sandy of course, which caused some nasty damage along the Jersey Shore, but I have to confess to mostly knowing about that because of E Street fandom. Staying up until stupid o'clock to watch the benefit concert, because the E Street Band and the Who were playing, along with quite a lot of modern acts that I couldn't pick out of a line up, and frankly wouldn't want to. Otherwise, apparently I was looking the other way.

The Avengers! That happened this year. We had to call it Avengers Assemble here, in case Britain saw Robert Downey Jr in a bright red metal suit, and thought that he was Patrick Macnee. Which presumably makes Mark Ruffalo Diana Rigg? Anyway, it was fab, and everything blew up. On the smaller screen there was Ringer, briefly. On paper it looked wonderful - Richard Alpert, Mr Fantastic and Buffy the Vampire Slayer teaming up. With evil doubles! But it was another of those twenty-two episode shows that didn't get good until halfway in, when everybody else had stopped watching. So it went away again.

Musicwise the year was better. Springsteen brought out Wrecking Ball, and embarked on a two year long world tour with the E Street Band. Two years! Of obsessively stalking them on YouTube, and cheerfully filling my hard drive with music. That was a great tour, and a nice tribute to Clarence and Danny. It's horrible when your fandoms start losing people. Familiar, for those of us who aren't so into the new stuff, but still horrible. Which brings me to the Monkees, I suppose - and also to marine biology. Specifically to Mike deGruy, a hero of mine since I was a teenager. A whirlwind of enthusiasm for sharks and cephalopods, who died this year. No fair, universe. He was on your side.

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A weird sort of coincidence comes with today's post. Today in real time (12th December 2015) is Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday. Happy birthday, Frankie! But today in 40 Years Of Nonsense time is 1995, which is the year that Dean Martin left the stage. On Christmas Day, no less - well, he always did hate parties! Naturally this requires marking in suitable fashion, but I shall leave that until later.

Otherwise, 1995 was basically fun. This was the year that I moved into cyberspace more or less full time. The Net was very much still growing, but there was already a lot going on, certainly in the world of fandom. Lovely early (very simple, largely text based) sites on cult movies and TV shows, many of the kind that the "real" (sadly non-geek-based) world had largely forgotten. Blake's 7 fandom! Actual, real fans, with little pictures lovingly kept from old editions of Radio Times. Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum. As much dinosaur information as I could want, kept up to date, and not written for six year olds, the way that so many of the available books are. And, in modern (for 1995!) Tellyland, lots of people to obsessively discuss Babylon 5 with, on the newly started Channel 4 internet forum. That place was my first internet home, and I loved it. It closed down in 2006, and I've never quite found another place to match it.

It was also the year of Made In Heaven of course: the final Queen studio album to feature Freddie. It made use of the last few songs that he had recorded, as well as some earlier ones that were 'Queenified' - some solo stuff, a song he'd recorded with Roger in the 80s, etc. I was a bit dubious as to how it would all turn out, but in the event it was excellent, and one of the songs on the album wound up being one of my all time favourite Queen tracks. That was a single in 1996 though, so will have to wait until tomorrow!

Lots else in the music world this year. Best of all, the E Street Band got back together! Oasis followed up last year's debut with a mega smash hit second album. The Human League came back after a hiatus of some years. Edwyn Collins was another vintage star with a major league hit this year, so maybe there was something in the water. Pulp had their biggest hit yet with the Different Class album, that really made their name. Supergrass were everywhere, if briefly. Ash made a huge debut with 1977, and Coolio was #1 forever with Gangsta's Paradise, the theme from the Michelle Pfeiffer film Dangerous Minds.

And James Bond came back! With the head I'd been wanting him to have for years. No disrespect meant to Timothy Dalton, who was great, but for me, James Bond is Pierce Brosnan. And GoldenEye was amazing. Fab theme song sung by Tina Turner as well, with some of the most brilliantly appropriate lyrics ever. "You'll never know how I've watched you from the shadows as a child/You'll never know how it feels to get so close and be denied." Still, as it turned out it was for the best that Brosnan did "get so close and be denied" back in 1987.

On the small screen meanwhile, the BBC premiered Due South, and that version of Pride & Prejudice. Darcy-fever, everywhere. A bad year for comedy though. We lost Peter Cook and Paul Eddington this year. Kenny Everett as well, more's the pity. And it was the year when Christopher Reeve had his fall whilst horse-riding. The news came in on the day of my final exam, iirc. A sad start to the summer.

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1981. The year that Chris Boucher murdered Christmas! Yes, we have reached the year of that episode of Blake's 7. Stunned silences up and down the country. It must have been a fairly off-putting year for SF fans in general actually, as this was also the year when Tom Baker finally handed back his TARDIS key. Not soon enough for me, I must admit, but fanboys still weep to think of the Pharos Project tower. Goodbye jelly babies, farewell lengthy scarf. Hello, me becoming a Who fan. But we had to wait until the beginning of 1982 for that.

Good stuff at the cinema in 1981. I don't think I'd been since the alleged trip to see Bambi in 1976, but I managed to go twice in 1981: to Superman II and Clash Of The Titans. Of the two, it's only the latter that I own, although they're both good movies. Clash Of The Titans absolutely blew me away as a little kiddie in the cinema. I suppose the SFX look a bit rocky by today's standards? I'm no judge, I'm afraid. Half the time, modern CGI FX just look like cartoons to me, and I can't see what all the fuss is about (aren't old trailers slow, though!). All that aside, and modern fancy FX or no, there's no beating Christopher Reeve when you're making a Superman film. Got taken to see that by a family friend who well nigh adopted me that year. Six months later he emigrated to South Africa, which just goes to show that you can never really know what's going on in somebody's head. He used to send photographs of himself from Johannesburg, in his ambulance driver's uniform (complete with sidearm). Hello, political awakening. Goodbye something else.

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I realise this is very poppy, and I probably should have included something like Ghost Town by the Specials, which summed up the political scene this year so well. But I can't include everything. And consider yourselves lucky - I could have treated you to Joe Dolce's Shaddup Your Face. (That was never going to happen). Good year for music again, though. Swords Of A Thousand Men! Wired For Sound! And, once again, there's the other end of the scale. Olivia Neutron-Bomb with Let's Get Physical. The sodding Birdie Song. Godley & Creme with the most terrifying song ever written: Under Your Thumb, in which a commuter fights for his life whilst under attack from a psychotic ghost. Oh, blimey: Do The Hucklebuck. I loved that. *red face* And Toyah! Teenage rebellion was very orange in 1981...
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"Flash! I love you! But we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!"

I suppose 1980 is the year of John Lennon. I don't know that I remember his death so much as the shockwave it caused. It was clearly something really big; something that everybody everywhere was talking about - and then Imagine was everywhere, for the next year. Good things happened that year too though; in the telly department especially. My eldest sister had been a fan of Blake's 7 since it began, so I was aware of it all along. It didn't really engage me to begin with though. Vague memories of finding Servalan a bit scary, and of wondering why they kept Avon around, as he was clearly a bad guy(!). And then, in 1980, Blake went AWOL, and Tarrant and Dayna turned up instead. I've been a fan ever since. :)

I must have been growing up that year actually, as it was the year that Grange Hill won me over as well. My brother was the same age as Tucker and co, and had been watching all along, but it wasn't until series three and four, which both first aired in 1980, that I began to watch properly. That was when Stewpot's year joined (still my favourite GH group). Stewpot, Precious, Pogo and Gripper. It was properly good back then, and well worth a rewatch.

Musically, 1980 was a heck of a mishmash. Adam Ant first caught my attention, with his white stripe and his big boots. Ska was catching on - The Specials had probably been around a while, but I was noticing a lot of stuff for the first time. Madness were getting bigger; and meanwhile Dennis Waterman was singing I Should Be So Good For You, which I don't mind admitting I still love. Actually, if you look at this handy link here, you can see the biggest hits of 1980, and it really is a weird mixture. Some truly great pop, ska, rock, etc; and in the middle of it all, the likes of Doctor Hook and the St Winifred's School Choir, the latter with the most terrifying song ever performed on TOTP. And dear gods, Liquid Gold with Dance Yourself Dizzy. I can't have heard that song in a good thirty years or more, and now I have the chorus prancing about inside my brain, like some ghastly spectre raised from the dead. Please send help. Urgently.

There's Keith Michell there as well, mind, just squeaking into the year's top one hundred, with Captain Beaky. We lost him last week. I highly recommend his 1960s swashbucklers The Hellfire Club (1961) and Seven Seas To Calais (1962), should you be in the mood for some swords and fisticuffs. Yes, I know that's a pretty tenuous link to 1980, but I was raised in a swashbuckle drought.

Some assorted 1980ish stuff is beneath here )
Spring has sprong. I know because there's primroses out. I only know that they're primroses because my mother points them out every year, and squeaks about primroses, because I am bad at flowers. But they are out, and they are primroses.

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Sloe gin update! My mother has finally opened her percolating bottle of sloe gin (bottled up some time in mid-November). It's a lovely colour, rather akin to translucent blood. Very thick and slightly gloopy - it's a bit like drinking cough syrup! Too sweet for me, but she seems very pleased with it, which is good. So I can't personally recommend it, but it certainly looks like she would. Two months of brewing was what the recipe she was following called for, and I guess it got a week or so more than that, but I doubt it wanted much less. Apparently it took the sugar a very long time to completely dissolve.

And from thence to telly, 1980s style. I need to start watching Dempsey & Makepeace in order. Between series two and three, Spikings seems to have lost half his body weight, and it's a bit odd jumping about from year to year. It makes him look like an inflatable doll with a valve problem. Also series one is noticeably more serious than the other two, at least to begin with, which causes a bit of a clash of styles. So bizarre to hear Dempsey announce in episode #2 that he doesn't approve of female police officers! That is not the Dempsey even of later in series one, let alone the years that followed. Still, I'm having great fun with it. Aside from a veritable who's who of stuntmen, so far there's been Suzi Quatro and Elizabeth Sladen in the same episode, and both Travises in adjacent ones (though backwards). Also Michael Cashman, although I appreciate that I'm in a fan club of one there. And through it all, Dempsey and Makepeace themselves being utterly splendid. And shooting practically everything. :)

I've been enjoying it all so much that I've also dug out my Remington Steele DVDs. Eighties detectives, hurrah! Steele is one of my all time favourite characters, and I've left it far too long between viewings. Like Dempsey & Makepeace, Remington Steele hasn't aged a day (except for Pierce Brosnan's sometimes rather alarming hair. On occasions it's like some gigantic, lacquered crash helmet), and I really can't recommend it highly enough. I chose an episode completely at random to watch, and it gave me unexpected Julian Glover, which was nice. Also Angharad Rees, but she's not quite as exciting (to me anyway). And then a second episode, which was again chosen completely at random, guest-starred Tom Baker! I had completely forgotten all of this, so clearly it's more than ripe for a rewatch. I'm a bit wary of spending too much time in the eighties, in case I end up with gigantic hair, but I'm doing okay so far. I would argue that a sprinkling of modern TV might serve as something of an antidote there, but neither Sleepy Hollow nor The Musketeers is likely to be of much help. I am surrounded by overly-energetic hair. This could get dangerous, people. Stay alert, I may need help.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta wrote a question fifteen for the shipping meme. I decided to steal it. Partly for the sake of completion, and partly because it amused me.

15. If #1 broke up, which characters from #2 or #3 would they each get together with?

Obviously Dayna and Tarrant never would split up, because they're Dayna and Tarrant, and who else could they possibly be with? Nobody else would gallivant so gleefully through the universe, blowing stuff up and shooting things with such gay abandon, whilst being chased by an entire galaxy full of foes. Apparently by choice. But if they did temporarily split up... well, this is a tough one, because trying to put them into a relationship with either #2 or #3 is hilarious. Firstly, they'd probably both eat Hammond. Secondly, Oliver's a car - and B7 canon says that hardly anybody in the future even knows what one is. He's a bit tiddly for them anyway. I suspect they'd prefer something with more zoom. And then there's Sean and Christian. Dayna would probably just shoot Sean; and if she didn't, Tarrant would. So as potentially the only one left alive, they'd both have to share Christian. Which could work. Given his psychological issues, he'd fit right in with the Liberator crew. I shudder to think how it would all end, though. Probably with it turning out that he'd slept with Servalan behind their backs, and inadvertently fathered the galaxy's next tyrant. But he'd be very apologetic about it, whilst simultaneously sleeping with the rest of the crew on the quiet. Ultimately, Avon would probably space him. In a moody montage featuring much vodka, and lots of angry sex with a stranger dressed as Travis.

Good old Christian. Ever a catalyst for things going wrong in all the ways.
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( Jan. 25th, 2015 19:33)
So, in an effort to post something that isn't Dempsey & Makepeace related, I decided to steal a meme from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook. On the face of it, an odd choice, since it's shipping-related, and whatever the opposite of a romantic is, that's me. But whatever. It's a thinly-veiled excuse to womble on about television, so it's not that much of a stretch. Widely-ranging interests, apparently I doesn't has them. Well I do, but I handle them elsewhere.

So, the brief is to choose five OTPs before reading the questions, and then attempt to answer said questions. This was quite a struggle, as I had to choose five ships that I actually care something about. Having sweated over that for a bit, I surprised myself by actually caring quite a lot about the ones that I chose. Blimey. I'll be reading Mills & Boon next.

(No I won't. Not never ever ever). But anyway. Five ships, and none of them with pirates dangling from them:

01 Dayna/Tarrant (Blake's 7)
02 Hammond/Oliver (Top Gear)
03 Christian/Sean (Nip/Tuck)
04 Bill/Sookie (True Blood)
05 Donna/Josh (The West Wing)

Questions follow beneath the cut.

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So, today marks the 30th anniversary of the debut on British screens of Dempsey & Makepeace, the gloriously 'splody TV series starring Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber. To celebrate, I have been watching things blow up all evening. Not the debut episode, as I couldn't find the series one boxset, so I had to make do with series two (aw, shame). Which was nice, as it turned out, as I got unexpected Tom Georgeson, a pleasant surprise following my recent Between The Lines rewatch. Also Tom Kelly, ill-fated wannabe member of Blake's Five-and-two-fifths (the one who got shavingcreamed). So that was nice too. Anyway, to ensure that the rest of the world (ha) gets to celebrate more appropriately, here is the pilot movie. Things go boom! Hurrah.

Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary back in November. That's not quite as much fun, perhaps, but it does make rather a nice ending to it all.

PS: Boom!

PPS: Handy playlist!
Look look! Somebody did a Dayna video!




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