By Jove, I do believe we just had an episode without a single naked woman in it. Perhaps the worst of it is now behind us? I am cautiously optimistic. The plot is growing nicely too, but I do wish they'd get rid of Captain Vane, with his curiously baby-oiled torso constantly on display. He looks like he'd rather be in Red Sonja.

As to Blackbeard...

... I think she's actually Anne Bonney, and the Blackbeard thing was just a joke. Since she had to wait until episode iv for her first proper line of dialogue, though, and it was just the one line, it's a bit hard to be sure. This is currently my biggest issue with the show. Anne Bonney is a terrific character - a real one, just like Rackham. She should be his equal, as she was in life. So why is she instead just this lurking shadow, peering out from under a broad-brimmed hat, and never doing or saying a damned thing? Rackham and Bonney raised merry hell together. For real. The least they could do is throw her a bone. I can't even tell if she's being played by a decent actor.

But the rest is so much better than before. The swearing seems to have sunk down to a more sensible level too. I don't expect marauding pirates to speak in a manner that won't offend the vicar, but I do expect dialogue that doesn't make me laugh.


Pussy cat!
I really enjoyed episode iii. Hurrah! There was far less of the "Look! We has nekkid wimminz!" approach, although they were still there flashing their bits on occasion. The language remains a bit of an obstacle though. Nobody swears quite like a sailor, I know - and that would have been even more the case back then, when they went to sea as young boys, and had nobody but each other as role models. But even so. If you swear that much on TV you're just going to look like an attention-seeking pillock, which is what this comes across as. Still, massive plot improvements this time, and far less wooden acting on display; although one of the pirates still thinks he's in an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, which really isn't helping. I'm quite enjoying Jack Rackham though, which maybe shouldn't be a surprise, as the real one has always been a favourite of mine. For all the silliness elsewhere, their version has done nothing yet to discredit his name, which is good. Is it possible to discredit an infamous pirate? Never mind. Although I'm greatly amused by his polarising sunglasses.

Maybe, having grabbed everybody's attention in the first couple of episodes, they can now settle down and tell their story, with a little less of the ridiculously flashy behaviour? Please, show? You're making me feel like my dad, with all this grumbling about sex and swearing, and that's making me deeply uncomfortable.

Jack Rackham, complete with polarising sunglasses. With all the banging on about realism that accompanied the publicity material, I'm a bit baffled by his inclusion, but he can act, so I won't quibble. Much.

His boss, Captain Vane, who appears to be in a completely different show to the rest of the cast. It really is quite a patchwork production. I do wish they could sort that out.
swordznsorcery: (queen)
( Mar. 22nd, 2014 18:03)
So, American television was kind enough to make a pirate series. I wanted to wait until I'd got my pretend pirate show all figured out and posted before I watched it, so I finally got around to seeing the first two episodes last night. Obviously, because it's mine, I think my show is better! But, quite honestly... boy is my show better. If only by virtue of not really existing, but still.

Ouch. )



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