I've run out of episodes of Street Hawk to watch. So, to wrap up the season, and because I can't be bothered to write a proper analysis - observations whilst watching the show:

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Five episodes into Street Hawk now, and it's taking shape nicely. Seems a definite shame that so few were made. I can't understand it really - this is no worse than most other stuff of the era. They've ironed out a few little niggles from the pilot, which helps. The terrible PR woman is gone, replaced by somebody who in all honesty might as well not be there for all she gets to do. Still, at least what little she does do is done well. Bad guys still die, though not very often (so far), and Jesse either tries to save them, or looks sorry about their deaths now. Quite a departure from his cold-blooded killing of the head bad guy in the pilot. Possibly the only bad change is the precinct commander, Jesse's boss in his day job. He was a tough guy in the pilot, but in the series he's something of a comedy character, and as such totally unbelievable. I don't understand why he keeps his two PR people so close to hand all the time, too. Why do they investigate all his cases for him?! Still, that's the sort of daftness that all these shows suffer from. Look at Silent Witness, where all the investigative work is done by Leo and his band of coroners. It's unfair to single out any one show.

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Has it really been twenty-two years since I saw this?! That's scary. Mind you, there's no denying that this is a product of the eighties. The bike itself is remarkably undated, and the clothes are quite timeless, but the music is very much a product of its time. Not that that's a bad thing. It's by Tangerine Dream, which is rather impressive, and it sounds terrific. It's just right for the chase scenes especially, and the theme tune itself is brilliant. No doubt that it's from the eighties, though. The date practically zings out of every chord.

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