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( Jan. 25th, 2015 19:33)
So, in an effort to post something that isn't Dempsey & Makepeace related, I decided to steal a meme from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook. On the face of it, an odd choice, since it's shipping-related, and whatever the opposite of a romantic is, that's me. But whatever. It's a thinly-veiled excuse to womble on about television, so it's not that much of a stretch. Widely-ranging interests, apparently I doesn't has them. Well I do, but I handle them elsewhere.

So, the brief is to choose five OTPs before reading the questions, and then attempt to answer said questions. This was quite a struggle, as I had to choose five ships that I actually care something about. Having sweated over that for a bit, I surprised myself by actually caring quite a lot about the ones that I chose. Blimey. I'll be reading Mills & Boon next.

(No I won't. Not never ever ever). But anyway. Five ships, and none of them with pirates dangling from them:

01 Dayna/Tarrant (Blake's 7)
02 Hammond/Oliver (Top Gear)
03 Christian/Sean (Nip/Tuck)
04 Bill/Sookie (True Blood)
05 Donna/Josh (The West Wing)

Questions follow beneath the cut.

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( May. 19th, 2014 01:53)
New season soon! The final one, which is probably for the best. I haven't loved this show since season three, but I'm still going to miss it. Anyway, here's a trailer for season seven:

Vampires and werewolves and things going wrong; basically, business as usual in Bon Temps. Hurrah!
Day nineteen, the best TV show cast. Oh, yikes. Have you any idea how much TV I have watched in my life, meme? How much television I remain ridiculously attached to? Or television to which I remain ridiculously attached, if you want it in proper grammar. And yet you keep asking me to not only remember it all, but also to choose between it, and I'm not sure that that was a proper sentence. Choices, choices. The first cast of M*A*S*H? Or how about Robin Of Sherwood? Or original Torchwood, or season three Blake's 7? (I like Glynis Barber a lot, but the poor woman is so easily overlooked in season four, that I can't really rate Soolin above Cally). And then there's Between The Lines (and indeed Drop The Dead Donkey, just to stay on a Neil Pearson theme). Cardiac Arrest? Quantum Leap? How about every TV show in my tags list, with the obvious exception of Invasion: Earth?

If I behave and narrow it down - or if I just stop thinking, which is probably easier - I can get it down to two. Babylon 5, (from season two onward, as Sheridan trumps Sinclair), and The West Wing. And it's a difficult choice, so I'm not going to make it. Instead I'm going to avoid the issue entirely and, in a vain attempt to prove that I do watch modern stuff occasionally, I'm going instead with True Blood. The show is a pale shadow of its former self, but the cast has never put a foot wrong. It's a big, varied, interesting cast, and it currently includes Rutger Hauer, which says it all. Or it included him until this week. I'm hoping they're bringing him back, because Rutger Hauer. And four episodes is emphatically Not Enough. Because Rutger Hauer!

Anyway, that was day nineteen.

And this is Rutger Hauer being king of the fairies. Why doesn't more television have Rutger Hauer in it? I might watch more of it then.

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( Mar. 8th, 2013 01:35)
Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying this series? I think this one is the best episode yet, even though it's plainly too short, and there's a consequent giant leap in the story part way through.

Dastardly escapologists and shiny jackets )
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( May. 20th, 2012 03:13)
There's a new True Blood trailer out, which is making me all optimistic about season five again. You can watch it here at YouTube. By the looks of things it's either going to be one long orgy or one long bloodbath. Or possibly one long bloodbath at an orgy. So pretty much business as usual then. There are some screencaps under the cut, but bear in mind that the whole thing takes place in the dark, so you won't actually be able to see any of them.

Things that go bump in the night )
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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 23:36)
True Blood has announced its return date, although I think they actually did that several weeks ago, and I've only just noticed. Also there's a trailer! Well, more of a glimpse, but they call it a trailer. It'll be nice to have True Blood back. I've given up on The Mentalist now, Hawaii 5-0 decided that we weren't going to be friends anymore, and Ringer has gone away. Probably forever, as I was the only person who watched it. So True Blood could be the only television that I watch until Steven Moffat decides to give me Doctor Who back. There are Worries, however. Seasons one, two and three of True Blood were awesome in every way, except for how there was altogether too much Sookie. Season four was rubbish, though. And this will be season five, and I am suspicious of season fives by their very nature. Should that be seasons five? No, I don't think so. Consider the evidence, anyway:

The rather-too-involved Universal Theory Of Season Five. Also True Blood trailerage in screencappery. )
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( Sep. 15th, 2011 01:37)
So, a rubbish season of True Blood ended rubbishly, which I suppose was predictable. Then I nearly forgave it for being so bad when the last five minutes hinted that I'll be getting Russell Edgington back for season five, as well as Eric and Bill going on the run together from their vampire overlords. An undead road movie would be good. Or an undead "Road" movie, even. Eric can be Bing, and Bill can be Bob, and Sookie can be Dorothy Lamour. It could work. I hope they give Pam something decent to do in season five though, as this is getting ridiculous.

And then a new series started, which stars Richard Alpert and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, although so far it's perilously thin on vampires. This probably isn't supposed to be a surprise. Buffy plays two sisters. Sister 1 accidentally killed Sister 2's young son, then turned alcoholic and ran away to become a stripper, before witnessing a murder. Sister 2 then pretended to forgive her everything, and invited her over for tea, before faking her own suicide on the assumption that Sister 1 would immediately take over her life (Why? They're identical twins. Why would the hugely entertainingly evil-looking murderer not easily get them mixed up? The whole point is that everybody else has). Then Sister 2, who hasn't forgiven Sister 1 anything, puts a hit out on Sister 1 so that everybody will think that she herself is dead, and then she'll be free to skip off into the sunset and get murdered by the hitmen who are after Sister 1. At least I think that's what's happening. There seem to be an awful lot of hitmen running about, anyway. Also, since when was Ioan Gruffudd old enough to have a daughter Buffy's age?! Or the age that my brain tells me Buffy is, anyway, which isn't quite the same as the age that Buffy actually is. She's not called Buffy in this, by the way, but her name begins with a B, which is practically the same thing. Richard's not called Richard, either, but then you can never trust him to tell the truth, so he might just be pretending. Although his surname in this is Machado, which is an island. Not a secret one housing a sparkly magic pixie who lives in a big stone foot, admittedly, but still. And I haven't seen any polar bears yet.

In two minds about this one, then. It's insanely stylised so far, both sisters have spectacularly wooden boyfriends, and in the first ten minutes it managed some of the worst back projection that I've ever seen. Except it's not back projection anymore, but I'm not as good on the technicalities of modern SFX, so bear with me. Either way, it was truly awful. It's like directors think that they can throw CGI around willy-nilly, and it will always look real. It never does, though. It always, always looks like CGI, wherever you put it. And this was two Buffies on a boat that was bouncing around in front of some hilariously unreal sea. I don't know what it was that Buffy 1 dived into, but that wasn't the sea either. I think it may have been a small tank floating in some cartoon water. It looked rubbish, whatever it was. They also relied far too much on computers for the scenes where the two Buffies interacted. The entire room that they were in looked fake. Split-screen worked perfectly well sixty years ago, but they can't pull it off realistically now?! Seriously, enough with the CGI.

So. Yeah. On the one hand, interesting plot and potential for good action. On the other hand, it really needs to stop trying to win art design awards for every single shot. Also, pretending to be your identical twin sister when there's a killer after you has to be the silliest plan ever. And since it's the premise for the entire series, this could easily become an issue.

Have to wait and see how it unfolds, I guess.
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( Mar. 10th, 2011 03:22)
White Collar ended. This is sad, obviously, because it should go on forever and ever and never stop at all. And there should be much wearing of hats and waistcoats, and lots of Diahann Carroll singing. But it ended anyway. Now I apparently have to wait until the summer for it to come back, but I live in Britain. I could be waiting years for a summer. I don't want to have to wait years for more White Collar.

On the plus side, apparently it's due back around the same time as True Blood, which would make the summer twice as worth waiting for (even if I do have to wait several years). It's been months since Bill and the queen challenged each other. Poor Bill's been suspended mid leap all this time; and that can't be good for you, even if you are dead already.

In the meantime, however, White Collar has still ended. This is Not Fair. It may even have to lead to Epic Sulking. Mind you, how cool is it that that's two seasons now that have ended with Neal nearly being blown up in a really badly fake explosion?! It could become a running theme. Shooting Andrew McCarthy should not become a running theme, though. That was just mean.

And elsewhere Hawaii Five-0 is on yet another break. American TV has some seriously weird scheduling. I'm sure they only do it to annoy me.
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( Feb. 10th, 2011 02:20)
Some random observations.

1. Every episode of Hawaii Five-O should feature Daniel Dae Kim in the jungle. It conjures up happy memories of Lost back when it was still good. Also, wherever possible, he should make his escape on a motorbike, having suddenly become inexplicably bullet-proof.

2. White Collar is awesome. I think I may have mentioned that previously. However it's approximately 2000% more awesome whenever an episode features lots of Diahann Carroll. It's like she breathes gold dust or something. And she sang! Briefly, but she sang.

3. Hawaii Five-O should feature more random visits from vampires. We've had Spike twice, and this week Lorena. For some reason, vampires in daylight in Hawaii just seems to work. Maybe they should try the same trick in reverse, and have somebody from H5O in True Blood? I vote Daniel Dae Kim. He could play zombie!Gavin again! Okay, so zombie!Gavin got beheaded, but this is True Blood. That really shouldn't be an issue.

4. Jazz music and a lead who wears a hat automatically makes a show better. Yes, that was just another way of saying that White Collar is awesome. But it really, really was this week. And it had lots of Diahann Carroll in it.

She worked with Dean Martin, you know. See, everything good comes back to Dean Martin in the end. Probably.

5. Hawaii Five-O is completely mental, and I hope that it stays that way for as long as possible. Although I do wish that somebody would give Scott Caan acting lessons. Maybe his father could help.

6. Did I mention the bit about White Collar being really quite good?

7. I've just heard that there's going to be pirates in the next series of Doctor Who. What are the chances of having some pirate Daleks?

Come to that, I wonder what the chances are of getting pirates in White Collar.

8. White Collar also had Billy Dee Williams in it this week. Lando! Just like it's always good to be reminded of when Lost was good, it's even better to be reminded that Star Wars was as well. And still is, if you concentrate just on the original bits.

I guess Lando pretty much qualifies as a pirate, doesn't he. And Caffrey did that awesome antique-dagger-and-a-curtain Errol Flynn thing a few episodes back. So we have had pirates in White Collar after all! Cool.

9. I wonder what the chances are of getting pirates in Hawaii Five-O?

10. Or Daleks.
Just because this picture amuses me, really. And because the show's over now for another year, leaving me with nowt but White Collar for entertainment. White Collar is terrific, obviously, but it is sadly lacking in outbursts of extreme violence. At least as a general rule.

Not entirely work safe. And apparently not PhotoBucket safe either. )

And I've just discovered that White Collar is on one of those unfathomable mid-season breaks that American TV so loves. On that cliffhanger?! Bastards!
Spoilers beneath. )
Season one of True Blood has run out of episodes. I am sad about this, which I guess is a good thing.

Here's hoping that season two will be the season of More Clothes. )
I've decided that I quite like vampires. They're considerably better than rather a lot of their human neighbours. More fun to watch, too.

And definitely more fun than naked!Jason Stackhouse. )
Further episodes of True Blood have been passing my way. More blood, more sex, more naked Jason Stackhouse.

I can definitely do without the latter. Thanks ever so.

Vampires, vampires, everywhere... )
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( Jul. 24th, 2009 02:27)
Initial impressions of True Blood, based on the first three episodes.

In the crypt... )
Oh, Jon-Erik. Of all the things that you could have been, why did you have to go and be adorable?

*mutter mutter* )



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