A fun episode, made up almost entirely of guest stars, with the regulars pushed very much into the background. Doesn't seem to matter, though. The guest cast is of a very high calibre, and I get a good bit of Tarrant and Dayna adventuring, which generally keeps me happy anyway. It builds up to a fine bit of intrigue, too. Yet one more explodified bit of the old days, recovered for series four.

... )
This episode is really pretty awesome. The plot itself has the usual holes, but it's hard to care when it's made so well. They've really thought about this one, and it's shot as a horror film, old style. Slow, lingering shots, carefully building up the tension; dark corridors; weird camera angles; good use of music. It's like a little masterclass on how to make a low budget horror movie. It's also hands down the goriest episode so far. Even the one when everybody was having their brains ripped out didn't manage quite as much blood and horrific imagery as this one. I did have some lovely screencaps, but I do like to keep things family friendly. Ish.

'Half human, half alien.' )
Another dull one. I think it's this disc. This is the last episode on it, so hopefully I'll be moving on to a better one next. In this episode there's lots of paperwork and gazing at computer screens, and Norton gets a bit of subplot that probably should have been good, and probably could have been, if it hadn't decided to be rubbish instead. The frustrating thing is, it's a good idea. Peril for the team! Infiltration! Deadly traps set by the aliens! It should have been exciting, and it could even have been a compelling psychological drama. It's not, though. It's just a bit lame. Liven up, show, and stop doing this to me. I remembered you as being better than this.

'If we lose this war, we lose the entire planet.' )



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