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( Oct. 1st, 2017 21:22)
I just found this post, which I apparently wrote on August 6th, and have no memory of at all. I do remember [personal profile] thisbluespirit doing the poetry meme again, and me thinking what a good idea that was; but it's news to me that I actually did it! Anyway, it's a simple enough endeavour (and I recommend it). You write down five fandoms, and then go here, and write down the fifth line of the random poem that you land on - whatever it is, and believe me, there's some doozies. Then hit refresh a few times until you've got five. Use them as inspiration for a ficlet for each fandom. Usually you'll end up with at least four poems by Emily Dickinson, but try not to find it too disheartening. The internet has always been obsessed with her.

(Not posting for two months isn't one of the rules, incidentally. That just happened, for reasons. Mostly involving stupidity.)

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( Dec. 29th, 2015 21:36)
I moved house in 2012. Theoretically a simple enough procedure, but it turned into a comedy of errors so far as my internet connection was concerned. I can't blame my ISP, which seemed to be doing its best, but BT were a nightmare. I don't think it can actually have been sixteen years before I was reconnected, but it certainly felt like it. I spent the offline time intending to accomplish something useful, but in reality doing some extensive moping, and quite possibly squeaking every time I looked at my computer. Oh, and I rewatched Blake's 7, which seemed like a worthwhile use of my time. And wrote a Torchwood/Rentaghost crossover, which isn't really a worthwhile use of anybody's time, but whatever.

Beyond that, pass. When I started this, I thought that these would be the easy years, but they're not. I know a few things, obviously - Arab Spring, ISIS, David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith being dicks, etc, but for the most part recent history is a mystery to me. I'm sure something must have happened somewhere in 2012. There was Hurricane Sandy of course, which caused some nasty damage along the Jersey Shore, but I have to confess to mostly knowing about that because of E Street fandom. Staying up until stupid o'clock to watch the benefit concert, because the E Street Band and the Who were playing, along with quite a lot of modern acts that I couldn't pick out of a line up, and frankly wouldn't want to. Otherwise, apparently I was looking the other way.

The Avengers! That happened this year. We had to call it Avengers Assemble here, in case Britain saw Robert Downey Jr in a bright red metal suit, and thought that he was Patrick Macnee. Which presumably makes Mark Ruffalo Diana Rigg? Anyway, it was fab, and everything blew up. On the smaller screen there was Ringer, briefly. On paper it looked wonderful - Richard Alpert, Mr Fantastic and Buffy the Vampire Slayer teaming up. With evil doubles! But it was another of those twenty-two episode shows that didn't get good until halfway in, when everybody else had stopped watching. So it went away again.

Musicwise the year was better. Springsteen brought out Wrecking Ball, and embarked on a two year long world tour with the E Street Band. Two years! Of obsessively stalking them on YouTube, and cheerfully filling my hard drive with music. That was a great tour, and a nice tribute to Clarence and Danny. It's horrible when your fandoms start losing people. Familiar, for those of us who aren't so into the new stuff, but still horrible. Which brings me to the Monkees, I suppose - and also to marine biology. Specifically to Mike deGruy, a hero of mine since I was a teenager. A whirlwind of enthusiasm for sharks and cephalopods, who died this year. No fair, universe. He was on your side.

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I think I've reached the point where, if I don't post now, I never will. I keep intending to post, but somehow it never happens. Think about it too much, and it feels like I've said everything that I intended to anyway, so why bother? That probably isn't the right way to play this game though, huh.

It has been an interesting few months (using the term 'interesting' in its most flexible definition). For starters the weather has been lending its own special hand. I've been looking after a neighbour's garden whilst she's been away, and that's been unexpectedly entertaining on its own. There I've been every evening, gallantly attempting to water her whatnots, with a gale force wind whipping the stream from the watering can in every direction but down. Seriously, it's like the Keystone Cops do gardening. I should probably have sold tickets.

Elsewhere, things have been virtually non-stop, one way or another. My father had a heart attack back in April - and, being a member of my family, he couldn't do it sensibly of course. Instead he had what appears to have been quite a serious heart attack without realising it. He therefore spent a week and a half gradually losing more and more energy, and getting more and more breathless, until my mother practically frogmarched him to the doctor. Consequently I've been doing even more for them than I usually do - which I don't mind in the slightest, but it all takes time. And also it means yet more gardening, which is definitely not my forté. Why does nobody ever want a bit of swashbuckling done? "I'm going away for a fortnight. You couldn't swing from a rope with a sword between your teeth every evening could you? Around seven thirty?" I don't know that it's all that much to ask. Anyway, they sent Dad home from the hospital eventually, with what looks like his own pharmacy, and every so often a nice lady comes around to check his blood pressure, and steal a bit more of his blood. I think it's for medical reasons, rather than just some questionable hobby. And I say "nice" lady, but I haven't actually met her. I assume she's a district nurse, and I usually expect them all to look like Nerys Hughes (and preferably ride bicycles).

So yeah. I've missed a whole hell of a lot of LJ and DreamWidth lately, although I have tried to catch up here and there. I'm not ignoring anybody, I've just been busy. On the plus side, I managed to swing an extra shift at work, which meant that I got to go see Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Hurrah! Turns out it was the first time I've been to the cinema since LOTR III, and in the meantime they've knocked down the old cinema and built a new one. So that was nice. Or mostly nice. Are they always so bloody loud these days?! During the battle scenes the floor was shaking so much I was half expecting to get evacuated. It was a jolly good film though, if perhaps not quite so much fun as the first one. Some minor plot spoilers here )

So yeah. I made a post! There would be the obligatory TV stuff here, but ABC axed Forever because they're cold, unfeeling bastards, and I hate them. Although they didn't axe Agents Of SHIELD, so I don't hate them as much as I might.

Um. I think that's probably it. If anything exciting happens, I shall probably be wrestling with something that I don't understand in my parents' garden, or crying forlornly over cruelly stolen television. Hey ho.
So, last night I watched The Avengers for the first time. Or Avengers Assemble, I suppose I should say, lest somebody mistakenly assume that Iron Man has been hanging out with Joanna Lumley. He may have been, for all I know. Just not on a screen anywhere near me. Anyway, I was going to bother everybody with my thoughts afterwards, but LiveJournal was down. In a prime example of just how kind I am to the internet, however, I made notes. And now, tonight instead, everybody gets to find out my opinion. I know. Sometimes my generosity impresses even me.

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( Apr. 9th, 2012 20:10)
Prompt from [livejournal.com profile] avengerkink

Fandom: Avengers Assemble
Characters: Tony Stark & Steve Rogers
Gen, c. 3600 words

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