swordznsorcery: (whitecollar)


( Apr. 13th, 2014 16:22)
It's warm. I'd forgotten warm. It's nice. I should probably be doing things, but I'm not, because that would require getting up. Instead I'm using a mixture of last.fm and YouTube to listen to the Milltown Brothers. They were a nineties band, not that successful, but quite good, and I've been reminded of them lately whilst rewatching the mid-nineties BBC comedy drama Preston Front (it's very good. I recommend it). They did the theme song anyway, and I rather like it. So here, have a bit of jangly Britpop, courtesy of a slightly crackly YouTube upload:

In a minute I will go and do something useful, but in the meantime, I've just discovered that they did a song called Jack Lemmon, so obviously I have to listen to that now. Because Jack Lemmon. Obviously.



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