What the hell? Why do I have a three hour tape full of episodes of Meego? That's six episodes. Six whole episodes of Meego. Why?! For anybody who doesn't know (and, let's face it, that's going to be everybody, because it's flipping Meego, for goodness sakes), this is a children's sitcom from the nineties. Think Charles In Charge, but with an alien. Basically this hyperactive alien named Meego crashes on Earth, and winds up as nanny to three kids, because when a spectacularly strange man turns up on your doorstep, you're obviously going to just assume that he was sent by the employment agency, and leave him in charge of your children, without even asking for ID. Anyway. I called it a sitcom - the script is impressively short on laughs. There's something weirdly compelling about it, though. Bronson Pinchot is actually very engaging as Meego, and he has a terrific rapport with the little six year old boy he's looking after (and with the obligatory dog, all of which does lead to some genuinely good adlibbing). I have no idea how this show got made though, let alone broadcast. It's seriously weird. It's clearly meant for children, and yet Meego's like this slightly less child-friendly version of Captain Jack, flirting with everything in sight, up to and including the household appliances. There's one episode where he reprograms the microwave to flirt back, in a throaty female voice. They huddle up together in the kitchen, and she asks him to push her buttons harder. If it's not the most bizarre sitcom ever, it must come bloody close.

And I have six episodes of it?!



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