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( Nov. 2nd, 2018 20:32)
Look! Look look! (Excitement). I was digging a new flowerbed earlier, and look what I found! Cut for picture )
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( Dec. 31st, 2015 20:12)
2014. Guess what?! Yep, still drawing a blank. British politicians being horrible, although admittedly that doesn't narrow it down much. Fabulous summer, if you like hot weather (I do). I spent most of it renovating my mother's garden, digging flowerbeds and unearthing very old dead things, back from when round here was still a sea. I rather wish it still was. Not that I'm entirely advocating life in the Jurassic, as I'm pretty sure the music was rubbish, and internet speeds seriously sucked; but on the plus side I'd be living in an ocean paradise. Also, no electricity bill. Although there's probably a good reason for that.

Yes, I am blatantly avoiding the topic of 2014. It was a pretty good year for television. How To Get Away With Murder started. The first season was very watchable, and so far the second season has been pretty much unmissable. I think it's away until February, dagnabbit. Wretched mis-season hiatuses! (Hiati? No, that sounds more like a country). I only started watching because of Baby Ian Chesterton, but it's so much more than that. He's great, incidentally. Deserves to go far.

Also starting this year was Constantine, which I loved, and Forever, which I adored. Neither made it to a second season, and I am still in mourning. Television is a cruel mistress. Or something.

Good year musically. I discovered a new band, although I can't remember how off hand. Probably mucking about on YouTube. Very good debut album, but it remains to be seen if they'll be worth following further. Queen dug an old song out of the archives, which was nice; and the E Street Band continued to galavant about the globe, and wilfully distract me with YouTubery (Kitty's Back! Stayin' Alive! Hurrah)!

A bad year for fandom, though. Alexandra Bastedo, who played Sharron in The Champions, died this year. Those three were always so close, and as the extras on the DVD release showed, they'd remained so, which somehow made it all the sadder (and turned out she'd opened an animal sanctuary after she quit acting, so she was clearly Nice People). James Garner died too. Not so unexpected, that one, but he was Old Hollywood, and we're running out of them. And of course Mike Smith. And there's nothing else I can say about that.

... )
*collapses in a heap* If I ever decide to embark on something as long and involved as this again, somebody please hit me. Still, I made it! Not doing 2015, because this is 2015, even if it won't still be tomorrow. I can hardly say "Remember when...?" when we're still here. So instead I shall just say Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (three hundred exclamation marks), and leave you with two songs from a pair of bands who came back unexpectedly in 2015.

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Have a good 2016!
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( Aug. 9th, 2015 07:42)
I am the worst LJ/DreamWidther, I know. I don't seem to have spoken to some of you in weeks. It's nothing personal! I just don't seem to have a lot of time lately. I will try to catch up, probably in batches, but lately everything is non-stop. Spent yesterday digging my mother's flowerbeds. (They're too small, so I'm making them bigger). Looking after a neighbour's garden as well at the moment. Then got greeted by my cats in a cloud of fur, so had to spend the next slice of forever brushing them. Seriously, how do two cats generate that much fur?! They're not even long-haired. And then I had to spend several hours minutes trying to rescue a grasshopper from the cat litter tray. I mean really. I appreciate that life is fraught with difficulties when you're two centimetres long, and compelled to keep your knees in your ears, but it can't be so bad that leaping into a cat litter tray seems like a good idea. Especially when you presumably had to leap a good twelve feet up and through a window in order to get there.

But! Life is not all dashing hither and yon. I have recently discovered the BBC's 1982 adaptation of Beau Geste, and have been watching that. And it's wonderful. I'm trying to keep it for Sunday evenings, as it's a very Sunday evening type of show; or what used to be a Sunday evening type of show. The Beeb doesn't really do them anymore. The book is an old favourite of mine, and so far it's a very faithful and effective adaptation. Terrific cast, too. Benedict Taylor is absolutely perfect as Beau, and there's an hilariously callow Jonathon Morris as John Geste. Extra fun for Doctor Who fans too, as not only is the script editor Terrance Dicks, but it was produced by Barry Letts and directed by Douglas Camfield. All of which may explain why some of the desert scenes look a bit like they were filmed in a quarry. Some things never change! I'm three quarters of the way through, and I want it to last much longer than it's going to. It's such a good story that you'd be hard pressed to do it very badly, but who better to adapt a classic adventure story than the BBC, back in the days when they still made telly properly? And yes, I am aware how horribly old and creaky and ridiculous that makes me sound, and I don't entirely mean it (hello, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, for starters). But I do love the old stuff best. I shall probably bother you with screencaps at some point.

Oh, and hey - digging! I love digging, as it turns out. (Well, it's nice, at the grand old age of forty, to finally find that one thing that we're all supposed to be good at). My mother's garden is a disaster area of clay and rubble, but this makes it excellent for fossil hunting (Gloucestershire is a treasure-trove of jurassic marine fossils). So yesterday was gloriously hot and sunny, and I spent it with a spade, up to my knees in clay, finding Interesting Things. Yes, okay, mostly Gryphaea and belemnites, but also a lovely Something. It's probably a piece of coral. I am very pleased with it.

Digging is good. I like digging.



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