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2001. The year the world changed, or so they say. A bit of the world, maybe. I was still picking up old people who had fallen out of bed, and had graduated to looking after my grandfather, who wasn't up to living alone anymore. I also acquired a feral cat that my sister found somewhere and fell in love with. My cat definitely didn't fall in love with him! I was half afraid she might try to eat him, as he was a kitten and still very small, but in the event she didn't deign to go anywhere near him.

Otherwise, apparently I remember even less about 2001 than I do about 2000! I remember the BBC debuting The Blue Planet, a documentary series about the sea. Gorgeous photography, bugger all information. Typical modern telly! Still, it did look very nice. I remember it particularly as being from this year, because the first episode aired on 12th September.

It was the year that Jack Lemmon died, I remember that much. Long a favourite of mine. His son, Chris, was one of the stars of my beloved Thunder In Paradise of course, so possibly making me laugh runs in their family. Chris wrote a wonderful tribute to Jack, the book A Twist Of Lemmon, which is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I recommend it.

The West Wing first aired this year - in the UK anyway. I fell in love with it about two minutes into the first episode, and I'm still waiting for the American public to wise up and elect Martin Sheen as President. Okay, so he has no intention of standing. But that's immaterial.

George Harrison died this year too. My favourite Beatle. Helps with choosing this year's music, anyway. I checked the Top 100 for the year, and it's a cacophony of teeny pop acts covering old classics. Yuck! One or two good tracks that I remember, but I'd rather leave the rest lurking in the murky clouds of history. My kid sister turned nineteen this year, and she was all about Steps and SClub7. Argh!

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TV meme, shamelessly nicked from several people on my f-list. Behind a cut, because it's me, and I can't not waffle.

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Day sixteen, your guilty pleasure show. I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If I like something, I don't feel guilty about it. Why would I? There are a fair few things that other people probably think I'm daft for watching, though, so we'll go with one of them. The one that jumps immediately to mind is Thunder In Paradise, but I've talked about that at some length before. It's the epitomy of daft, which is probably being charitable, but it's a genial sort of show. Two ex-Navy SEALs, living together in a cottage by the sea with their adopted daughter, fighting evil in their super-powered speed boat. The episode when Bru kills an invisible alien from outer space by twanging his ukelele at it ranks as one of the most gloriously silly episodes of anything. But I'm not choosing Thunder In Paradise this time. Instead I've decided to go with Bod.

Bod isn't silly, but it's very much not the sort of show I'd usually watch of an evening. It dates from 1975, and was created by a husband and wife team who were Taoists, and wanted to share their philosophy with children. So, using simple, barely animated line drawings, they created a series of five minute cartoons for the BBC's pre-school strand. Bod is a boy in a yellow dress, who wanders through life discovering things with his four adult friends, Aunt Flo, Farmer Barleymow, PC Copper and Postman Frank. I bought the show when it came out on DVD a few years back, because I loved it as a very small child, and was interested to see it again. It remains extremely watchable. Something about Bod's adventures, and the very simple format, works brilliantly. I also find it extraordinarily relaxing, for some reason.

When it first aired, Bod was twinned with another short, Alberto Frog and his Amazing Animal Band, in which the titular Albert and his band help out fellow animals in exchange for a milkshake. There'd be Bod, then a game of Snap featuring the characters, and then we'd have to help Alberto Frog choose a milkshake flavour. The BBC, in its wisdom, went into a frenzy of deletion in the early nineties, precisely when it was beginning to realise just how stupid its earlier frenzy of deleting had been. This time it was children's shows that suffered, and only a handful of Alberto Frog episodes remain. It was a bit repetitive, and not as engaging as Bod and his stealth-Taoist teachings, but that's still rather sad.

So that's my choice for not-guilty viewing. I could only find two complete episodes on YouTube, and neither's got the Snap game, nor Alberto Frog and his desperate milkshake dilemma, but they're still a nice way to spend four and a half minutes. Or at least, I think they are. I suspect there may be other opinions available.

Bod And The Cherry Tree & Bod And The Apple
Episode 1x20 is "Dead Reckoning", and it's really quite hard to know where to start with this one. I'd just let the screencaps speak for themselves, but then I might have to flag my LJ for possible adult content. So we'll soldier on as normal.

Or as normal as this show ever gets. )
Episode 1x19, "Blast Off", and we're nearly out of episodes. Oh no!

But it's not over yet. )
Pirates! Swords! Swords! Pirates! Yep, it's 1x14, "Plunder In Paradise". I like this one. Lots. :)

Pirates! Swords! A giant, man-eating crocogator! )
I've just been watching Queen live at the Hammersmith Odeon on Christmas Eve 1975. It was wonderful. :) But for now we're not here to talk about Queen, for 'tis time for another episode of Thunder In Paradise.

Although, fittingly enough, this one does have a musical theme. Ish. )
In which we arrive at the point at which Thunder In Paradise really begins to go mental.

The only surprise is that it took until episode five to get there... )
Yes, there's more. Aren't you really excited?!

Paradise awaits. )
Many years ago (fifteen, ouch), the makers of Baywatch decided that there simply weren't enough opportunities to blow stuff up in a series about lifeguards, so they set out to make a new show. The result was some twenty episodes of a spectacularly silly comedy adventure series called Thunder In Paradise, a show that only ever had one viewer. Me. It's been a while since I last watched it, so I've decided it's time to dig out the DVDs again. And to the wonderment and joy (or tears) of anybody who happens to pass this way, I've decided to share the experience with the internet. No, really. There's no need to thank me. Thunder In Paradise, then. So, what's it all about?

You may wish you hadn't asked. )



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