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( Dec. 21st, 2014 19:01)
I have been fandom-stockinging. It's quite a good feeling, although life has done its best to get in the way! So I'm quite a lot behind schedule. I'd just got into the swing of things, and then I had to spend a day helping my mother deliver her Christmas cards (I keep telling her that she knows too many people, but she refuses to take me seriously). Then I lost most of another day when I had to help her do her last big shop before Christmas. Not that I mind such things, obviously! It's just that it's all time. Still, fandom-stockinging does stretch into the new year, which is a help.

Elsewhere, I am hoarding the last ever episode of White Collar. I shall probably watch it tonight, as I'm ever wary of spoilers. But the last ever episode! Ever! It's been one of my favourite shows of recent years; one of those with a great cast, some fun scripts, and just general entertainicity. Shut up, you're allowed to make up words in December. That is an actual thing. As is cramp. I'm attempting to write this whilst festooned in pussy cats. I'm looking after my sister's dog this weekend, while she and her husband visit his folks, and the cats are not impressed! They adore my younger sister's dog, but this is my oldest sister's, which is new and therefore scary. It's a sort of rescue - a grossly overweight King Charles, which is adorable, but clearly not if you're a cat. Or a car, which is what that word was for the first three attempts. I only have two cats, but right now it feels like about forty.

Sorry, I realise that I'm blathering on about nothing, but I haven't posted about anything but The Box Of Delights in forever, and I'm beginning to run the risk of no longer looking like a real person. And I am. Usually. Probably. Well, maybe. Actually at the moment I'm half cat, but you get the drift. Blimey, listen to that wind.

Anyway, whilst avoiding watching the final ever episode of White Collar (final! ever!), I've been fiddling about on YouTube, and I found that some kind soul has uploaded The Greatest Store In The World. I don't usually go much for Christmassy TV, as I'm not really a Christmassy person. (Dean Martin-flavoured bits excepted, obviously). This is a really nice film, though. Dervla Kirwen and her two daughters are left homeless when their camper van explodes, so they move into a massive department store over Christmas. Also starring Peter Capaldi and Brian Blessed (with two legs, which is always a bit odd). I highly recommend it, and it's beneath the cut. One minor soundtrack-related warning - it dates from 1999. However bad you remember Steps as being, they're worse. Although oddly better when Brian Blessed is dancing to them.

Blimey, 1999! Where'd the time go?! Anyway, it's under the cutty bit. Highly recommended. Etc. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to move something before bits start dropping off.

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Episode five, for Christmas is almost upon us. Sadly this does mean the necessity of the bit with all the cardboard, but hey, 1980s BBC budgets only get you so far. As a bonus we do also get a nice build up of plot in anticipation for the big finale on Christmas Eve. It's just a shame about all the cardboard...

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Time for episode four of The Box Of Delights, which means that Christmas is approaching. Sneaking up behind us, all hidden by the dark, just like the prowling and evil Abner Brown. But with more sparkles, obviously. And chocolate.

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Time for episode three, and the world grows ever more dangerous for young master Harker...

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Hello world. Sorry I'm being so awful about comments and replies lately. It's been a heck of a month, and it's just getting madder as it nears its end! Things will level off again eventually, and I will catch up when I can. Until then - it's time for The Box Of Delights episode two, and there's no missing that! Not real world obstacles, nor dastardly Robert Stephens and his ratty accomplice, may stand in the way of Troughton-flavoured magicks and fun.

Episode two is beneath the cut, courtesy of YouTube.

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In 1984, the BBC debuted a new children's TV serial, an adaptation of John Masefield's The Box Of Delights. It was a huge hit, and made a major impression on a whole generation of school children. Then, for many years, it remained in the vaults; fondly remembered, but lurking unseen. Ten years ago, when it was released on DVD, something of an internet tradition grew up around it - that of recreating those old Children's BBC screenings, by watching one episode a week, timing it so that the last episode is on Christmas Eve. That means that the first episode is watched on November 19th.

I haven't seen the show for four or five years now. I can't watch something every year, the way that some people can! I don't like to overdo it. But this year is the show's thirtieth anniversary. So, what better way to say a happy birthday to one of the most gloriously atmospheric bits of children's telly than to jump back in and give it a spin? Beneath the cut is episode one, courtesy of YouTube. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I recommend giving this show a watch. The SFX are very 1984, it's true, but nobody in their right mind cares about that. This is children's TV at its finest.

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Abner awakens as night falls, and finding no sign of Pouncer, he decides to leave without her. He goes to collect the boodle, and his arrival awakes Kay, who scurries into the shadows. Abner doesn't make off with the treasure chest yet, though. He goes first to a secret chamber where he consults a disembodied head. The head tells him that the service at Tatchester Cathedral will go ahead, even without the bishop, assorted clergy and myriad choirboys that have been scrobbled, so Abner summons a beast to block the road with snow. The head is an unwilling servant, however, and manages to alert Kay as to the whereabouts of the lost box.

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Hello. It's Sunday again, folks - and that means more Box of Delights, as we creep ever closer to Christmas.

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... But ahead lies a waterfall! Oh no! "Hang on!" shouts Kay, who's lucky enough to have a mast to hold onto. The girls have to content themselves with holding onto absolutely nothing at all, but no matter. The boat shoots down the waterfall, and the children give themselves three cheers for not being dead. Hurrah!

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Today's Advent calendar picture = a ski-ing penguin. Hurrah! But on to more important matters... The Box Of Delights:

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So, time for episode two, 'cause Christmas is getting closer. And watching The Box of Delights in the approaching weeks is far more exciting than Christmas ever is...

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Bloody hell, it's windy! Still, it proved to be fabulously atmospheric weather for tonight's Torchwood. More of that later.

Anyway, for those of you in the loop, today was the beginning of the Great Christmas Tradition that is the annual Box Of Delights rewatch. In the spirit of the old screenings on Children's BBC, way back in the day (pre-Phillip Schofield. Jeepers), we have one episode a week, with the last one on Christmas Eve. It's the best way to get into the mood for Christmas. Yes, it's a show that dates from 1984, so the FX aren't quite up to everybody's standards, but these things have never worried me, so I'm as happy with the way the show looks as I was back then. The mix of live action and animation is quaintly dated, but given the old-fashioned feel of the show anyway, that almost seems fitting. And anyway, who cares what the FX look like when the story is this good?!

Episode one, and the wolves are running. Kay Harker is back home from school for the Christmas holidays, and his little town is suddenly filled with witches and wolves and creepy churchmen. Herne gallops about at night, dressed in shining white, and cryptic messages get passed about the town. A human-sized talking rat acts as spy for the gloriously despicable Abner Brown, and in the middle of it all is Cole Hawlings, one of the greatest characters on television, and perhaps Patrick Troughton's best ever role. Thousands of years old, with a glint in his eye, and a pocketful of very special magic.

Christmas is coming. You can hear it in the theme music. :)

"In my box are such delights..."



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