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I overdid yesterday and was hurting and shaky by the time I got home. Resting for several hours got me steady enough to bring laundry up from the basement, but I had to have Scott and Cordelia take out the trash and recycling because of the ice by the back porch (the pavement there is lower than the drive way or the yard and doesn't get much sun).

According to the Ingress tracking I went from 1011 km toward my Trekker badge to 1017 km, so... Erm. It was too cold for that, and I was carrying enough that my lower back got seriously stressed.

I had lunch at Totoro (part of the too much that I was carrying was food for Scott and Cordelia from there), and I delivered the disability review paperwork. Part of the walking around too much was me keeping busy while waiting for the doctor's office to call and tell me if I could drop it off. The other part of me walking around too much was me doing Ingress missions in hopes of getting one of the gold badges I need.

I have a referral to the Kellogg Eye Care Center. They got me in on Monday because they had a cancellation. The doctor at UHS said that I may simply never be able to use progressives and will have to change glasses every time I change distance or do without glasses altogether. The referral to Kellogg is because part of the problem is that I can't make my eyes focus downward and close in. I can get there, but I can't hold it more than a few seconds because it makes the muscles around my eyes (and in my neck) hurt. I'm pretty sure that that is also why I can only make one lens of the progressives work at a time.

At any rate, Scott has Monday off, so he'll be able to take me to the appointment.

My iPhone keeps popping up a request that I log into iTunes. I have no idea what's going on with that. I don't use iTunes on my phone. I very specifically don't want to.
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Day 20: Butterflies.

It's weird really. Wihout wings, they'd be creepy crawly insects. Put fairy wings on them, and they're graceful, lovely flutterbies who dance in the summer breeze.
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20 What type of toothpaste do you use?

Kingfisher toothpick in mint. It's cruelty free.
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Title: Violet's Fred
Fandom: Call the Midwife
Rating: G


It wasn't something )


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Title: A Child Inside
Fandom: Undertale/Dark Savior
Rating: PG-13/Gen
Notes: crossover, post-Genocide route, creepy!Chara, possible spoilers for Dark savior

Read more... )
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Title: Keeping Pace
Fandom: Gundam SEED
Rating: AA
Notes: Creuset, pre-canon

keeping pace )
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Two of my three calls are done. I'll be leaving in about an hour to head for the ophthalmologist's office. Once I post this, I'll get dressed and make sure I can find all of my glasses as she wants to check them over. I also want to copy the disability review paperwork for my records. With luck, I can drop it off today while I'm out for the eye doctor.

If I have time after I'm ready to go out but before I leave, I'll see about calling the first electrician.

Once I'm home, I need to watch several episodes of Elementary season 5. That's due Sunday and can't be renewed. I also have Elementary season 6 which is due a week from Sunday and can't be renewed. Me watching both is possible. I just don't know how likely it is because I'm more prone to a leisurely watch.

I can likely get season 5 again in a month or, at most, two. Season 6 having just arrived in the system has a long waitlist. I won't be desperately upset if I don't finish, but I'll be a bit annoyed with myself.
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This week's prompt is: achievement.

Your response should be exactly 100 words long. You do not have to include the prompt in your response -- it is meant as a starting place only. Please use the tag "prompt: #133 - achievement" with your prompt response.

Please include all necessary content warnings for potential triggers, mature or explicit content, or spoilers.

Here is a template for posting your work, if you so desire:

Subject: Original - Title (or) Fandom - Title

(or) Fandom:

If you are a member of AO3 there is a 100 Words Collection!
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19 Who is your favourite Steve?

Steve Guttenberg, the actor. He was in a number of fun comedies/romcoms including one of my favourite ghost films, High Spirits. (
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I'm trying to fill out my disability review paperwork. I need to get it to my doctor ASAP in order for her to fill out her section. Filling out the form is harder this year because writing hurts more and because I keep losing track of what I'm doing.

I ended up wearing a bra overnight last night because the breast that had surgery was hurting a lot by the end of the day. Massage helped while I was doing it, but I apparently still need compression, too. Wearing it overnight was less unpleasant than wearing it during the day because I wasn't moving around and trying to do things that would make the dratted thing shift. I think part of the problem is that that side is more vulnerable to friction between the fabric and my skin. I'll see how it goes just wearing one at night for a while because I can put one on any time I start to get uncomfortable without.

Tomorrow, I need to make three phone calls. First for an appointment with the ophthalmologist. Second to find out when I can drop the disability review paperwork with my doctor. Third to find an electrician. I hope I remember. Doing these things has been harder the last year or so.
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I am being bad at posting and I am actually really enjoying the Stuff I Love meme, both seeing other people's posts and self-indulgently going on about things I love. I am tired, though, so let me be obvious tonight.

Anyone who's been following me for more than about two minutes will have gathered that as well as obscure old telly I love obscure old actors who appear in it. It was an inevitable consequence, really. David Collings, Barbara Murray, Alfred Burke, Suzanne Neve, Gemma Jones and a bunch of others. David Collings is the person whose fault it was, and who dies improbably and entertainingly a lot. But my current favourite is James Maxwell. I would explain myself, and there is a sort of explanation in there somewhere that started with David Collings and BBC period drama but it passed through Sapphire and Steel fancasting and theatrical ghost stories and a nice obit, to "I just like your face, sir" and then what can you do?

Anyway, James Maxwell was a character actor who was one of the founding artistic directors of Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, which he is now reputed to haunt. He was actually American, but came to the UK to study at the Old Vic Theatre School in 1950 and stayed here till he died in 1995.

Things I like about him:

1. He crossed an ocean because of Dame Edith Evans. (Literally: he went to see her in the theatre and no less than two days later he was on board a ship for the UK, arriving in Southampton with no forwarding address.)

2. The ghost story about him can basically be boiled down to "his colleagues wanted to have him still around." Bonus for the ghost story: he is said to have made an appearance on TV from beyond the grave on Most Haunted. Not something everyone can claim.

And now I will just illustrate my point with gifs )

I was prompted to post this particular entry today because someone on tumblr had found a new source of theatrical pics for him, which I shall now share, watermarks notwithstanding.

Ah, yes, the one in the short skirt holding someone's hand... )

I was going to write a sensible post about JM and do him justice (because actually he was a pretty interesting person and it has been fun trying to find out more about him and there is a lot to say) but I am tired. So you got the gifs that survived my tumblr-pocalypse.

But this list could have been a lot longer and had more gifs, so you can't complain too much. ;-p

ETA: oh, also THIS LIST. <3
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I posted The Art of Getting Along, a Sky High, Warren-centric ficlet about friendship yesterday. It was inspired by the prompt ‘Any fandom, getting along with someone in your friend group that you don't particularly like.’ Read more... )

Traitors 1/8

2019 has been a wasteland of TV dramas I wanted to watch so far, so I perked up when I heard about this: a spy show set in post-war London. Now, I’ve seen it, I’m less enthused. spoilers )

I intended to continue last week’s ‘space’ theme for Music Monday, and link to Blur’s Far Out, but I can’t find the album version, which is my favourite. Bah.
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Day 18: A good night's sleep.

When I sleep really well and don't wake up until after 6am. Instead of hours and hours of boring night lying in front of me, the night's almost over.

I didn't do that last night. I struggled to sleep at all last night. :o(
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18 What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you in a B&B?

Not a B&B but a hotel. I was sharing a room with a friend and I woke up and realised someone was going through her bags.

I called her name, and it turned out the figure was her. I'd been snoring so loudly she'd had to get up to find the earplugs she used when she rode her motorbike. I was so embarrassed.
I've noticed this between Russian and Czech a lot, but I'm not sure whether I ever noticed things like that in other very closely related languages. In Russian and in Czech, there often are words that sound almost the same, but have completely opposite meanings.

Like, "zapomnil" (запомнил) in Russian means "he remembered" (as in "learned by heart") and "zapomnel" in Czech means "he forgot".
Or, "bespechno" (беспечно) in Russian means "carelessly", while "bezpecne" in Czech means "safely".
Or, "krasny zivot"* in Czech means "beautiful life" and in Russian "red stomach".

There are, however, very simple explanations for this: in the (let me call this) old Russian "krasny zivot" used to mean "beautiful life" as well. In time "beautiful" came to mean "red" (what can be more beautiful than red?) and "life" came to mean "stomach" (no life without food, no life with stomach cut open etc.).
As far as the other things go, often this happens, when a word (or a word root) is used for the same idea, but with the opposite point of view. At least, this is how I explain this to myself.

Did you ever notice such things between English and German? English ad French? Spanish/Italian/French? etc.?

*forgive me for not using diacritics, I'm lazy


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