Day thirteen, your favourite childhood show. Ouch. That's a tough one. I pretty much spent my entire childhood either reading or watching TV. I don't think I did anything else at all, ever (this is an exaggeration, obviously, but a frighteningly mild one). The shows that I probably loved most as a child are ones that I've mentioned already during this meme - Bonanza, The High Chaparral, The A-Team - and trying to choose between them would only lead to violent arguments with myself. And that's without even mentioning all of the others, most of which were American, and featured things exploding. And/or car chases, horseback chases, gunfights and swords. Clearly I am one of the world's greatest intellectuals.

So just to be a bit different, although it wasn't my favourite show (except when it was), I'm going to go with Huckleberry Finn And His Friends. This was a Canadian/German co-production from around 1979, which Children's BBC aired pretty much every summer holiday until I was about twelve. It was perfect telly for growing up with. Huck and Tom, lazing about on river banks, and fighting with pretend swords, and battling smugglers, and playing at pirates, and floating about on home-made rafts. I was Huckleberry Finn quite a lot as a child. Dungarees, and my father's old straw hat. I haven't worn shoes since. And it's out on DVD now, and it's still great! This is one of the best things about television. Sometimes you get to watch it again, and it doesn't disappoint you. I love it when it does that.





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