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( Oct. 6th, 2016 21:42)
Earlier in the year, [personal profile] thisbluespirit posted a ficmeme using lines from poems as prompts of a sort. It looked interesting, but I had a lot on at the time. Then this morning I read that today is National Poetry Day. What better day to take out that old meme and dust it off? The rules are fairly straight forward. Write down five fandoms in alphabetical order. Go here. Note down the fifth line of whatever random poem you land on. Partner it with the first fandom in your list. Click refresh, and rinse and repeat for all five.

And good luck if, like me, you have a mild allergy to Emily Dickinson.

Five poems, five ficlets, five fandoms )
I have dug everything. Everywhere. If there was something you didn't want dug, sorry. It's too late now, you should have said. Everything is now planted in the allotment, but turns out that watering is accomplished by hanging over the riverbank, and dipping a bucket into the water. So that's my job, as there's no way my mother can do that. If you hear a splash, it's me.

Elsewhere (a different river), I was out walking again, watching the bouncing fishes, and look look!

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( Dec. 13th, 2015 20:04)
I seemed to spend half of 1996 trapped in an underground train at Liverpool's Lime Street Station, while the police checked out some suspicious object or other. The IRA had decided to start blowing stuff up again, which was nice of them, and this seemed to lead to just about everything being labelled a possible bomb. Not that I blame the authorities for being overly cautious, but it does begin to get boring after a while! Especially when it's an underground station, and there's sod all to look at while you wait.

The rest of that year was spent online (I say "the rest", presumably I did some work at some point). By now the Net was growing and changing so fast that you'd practically notice the difference over a weekend. Probably inevitably, although most of us didn't have anything much faster than a 28.8K dial-up modem, already the video sharing had started. This meant tiny little videos, barely bigger than an LJ icon, and rarely more than a minute long. Mostly, from what I saw, they were Methos soundbites from Highlander, or clips from Late Night With Conan O'Brien; usually Max Weinberg doing something brilliantly ridiculous, or reading one of his fake public service announcements. Happy days. :)

Otherwise it was a year of highs and lows. Take That split, which was a high. The Spice Girls appeared, which was a low. Doctor Who returned for a one off special, with a truly terrific Doctor, and a truly dreadful script. Well, that's being a bit unfair I suppose. Only half dreadful; the bit with the shoes is genius. A sad time for Who fans otherwise though, as Jon Pertwee died shortly before the film aired. Also bowing out this year was TW3 and I'm Sorry, I Haven't A Clue star Willie Rushton. There's been a Rushton-shaped hole in that show ever since. In American Tellyland, it was also the year that Greg Morris died. He played the great Barney Collier, easily the best thing about Mission: Impossible.

Elsewhere of course, this was the year of Dunblane. Not the best thing to remember a year by. On a distinctly happier note, it was also the year when Jarvis Cocker, slightly the worst for alcohol, gatecrashed Michael Jackson's performance at the BRITs, on the grounds that Jacko was being a tit. In all fairness, he was. I was listening on the radio, and it got a lovely running commentary! Annoyingly though, it was another good year for music, and I have a "short" list of about a hundred songs that I obviously can't fit all of under the cut. It doesn't matter how many times I stare at the list - it refuses to get any shorter!

Some time later... )
Thanks go to [personal profile] liadtbunny this time!

In 2015, swordznsorcery resolves to...
Go to the fossils every month.
Drink four glasses of music every day.
Overcome my secret fear of Kronos.
Find a new Manimal.
Take evening classes in solitude.
Give up Westerns.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I definitely promise to drink four glasses of music a day. I wasn't aware that I actually was afraid of Kronos; that's how big of a secret it is. But I shall nonetheless boldly overcome it. The fact that that irritating do-gooder Duncan MacLeod beheaded the poor warmongering maniac will probably help there. Kronos, how I do miss thee.

Find a new Manimal. :( Yeah. Have to, I suppose. I wonder if the big screen remake will ever come about? It would make a good film, in the right hands. But there is no replacing Simon Mac.

Evening classes in solitude not needed thanks. Got that one off to a fine art! And I am not giving up Westerns! Dean Martin would never forgive me; let alone Joe Cartwright, Jess Harper and Manolito Montoya. They live in my head. It would be rude.
Ye gods, with all the thanks in the world to [livejournal.com profile] sabethea for putting me on to this one...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, swordznsorcery sent to me...
Twelve dragons drumming
Eleven Methos piping
Ten books a-leaping
Nine trilobites dancing
Eight megalodons a-milking
Seven sharks a-writing
Six pirates a-reading
Five fo-o-o-ossils
Four dinosaurs
Three Westerns
Two Kronos
...and a Highlander in an I Love Lucy.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Best. Christmas. Song. Ever. :) And two Kronoses. Kroni? At any rate, it's just as well I have eleven piping Methoses to keep them all in order. The mind boggles. But is happy while it does it. And dancing trilobites, hurrah. C'mon, everyone. Let's see yours!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and find out how to milk a megalodon. John Barrowman might know...
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( Aug. 31st, 2014 21:09)
I have been watching new television! It wasn't at all crackly or old. These things always take time to get used to. Anyway, I posted a trailer a while ago for a new, upcoming series called Forever, starring Ioan Gruffudd as a naked, immortal murder detective. Quite the most gloriously silly premise that television has ever come up with. Why they're calling it Forever, I have no idea. Surely Naked, Immortal Murder Detectives! would be a much better title? But anyhow, ABC put episode one up on the internet, a month prior to its TV debut, so I watched it over the weekend. I'm happy to report that it's just as daft as the premise would suggest, although in all the right ways. Clearly it knows that it's completely ridiculous. I hope it does well, as I would like to see a full season, even if a second one is probably highly unlikely. No spoilers, but Gruffudd plays a bloke who discovered two hundred years ago that he can't die, and has spent his time since then learning languages, studying death, and attempting not to fall in love with inconveniently mortal women. Along the way he's picked up Judd Hirsch, a war orphan who he's raised as a son (and who is now much older than him); and has also acquired an in-depth familiarity with all the many ways there are of killing people. He seems to find his own death quite entertaining. Well, perhaps one would.

Obligatory "woe is me, for immortality is such a curse" nonsense. Yes, it probably is, but that phrase does get awfully boring when you've heard it a billion times; and any fan of Highlander/Torchwood/any other show that features immortality has heard it at least that often. It would be nice to have a happy immortal for a change. Somebody other than Methos, that is, since even he gets broody about it on occasion. There's Kronos, I suppose, but Duncan sodding MacLeod beheaded him, so he probably doesn't count, and sorry, distracted. But once you've got past the brooding, this is ridiculously entertaining. And, yes, silly. A man dies - with frightening regularity - and instantly pops up again in the nearest large body of water, completely naked. In between deaths he solves murders, because why not? Some niggles here and there. Concentration camps didn't tattoo babies, they just killed them, so trying to pass Judd Hirsch off as a tattooed baby rescued from a concentration camp at the end of World War Two is just a little bizarre. Nice nod to the original Highlander movie there though. Connor MacLeod also lived with a war orphan he'd raised, who eventually grew older than him. So I quite like that. Also the obligatory lady cop is pretty generic, but then I suppose it has only been one episode. And perhaps one should feel sorry for her, since she can never hope to be prettier than he is? Very promising arc plot. Not sure about the occasional narration, but it's done with a spring in its step and adds to the general air of fun, so maybe it will work, and what the hell am I grumbling about? Naked, immortal murder detectives! Who can consider that premise and fail to smile?! I like this show, at least on the basis of one episode. It's nonsense, but honestly, who the hell cares.

Ioan Gruffudd as Henry Morgan. The only thing more entertaining than your own (alarmingly frequent) horrific death is being arrested afterwards for indecent exposure.

So there's your recommendation for new TV to look out for. It won't change your life, but it ought to make you smile. Good enough, some might say?
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( Feb. 16th, 2014 19:09)
Friends Will Be Friends meme (for [personal profile] mackiedockie)

Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Joe, Amanda
Gen, c. 1700 words

... )
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( Sep. 22nd, 2013 02:39)
I have new television! That hasn't happened in ages. A whole television programme, made this year, and not even a little bit wobbly or black and white. And yes, okay, so it'll probably be axed soon, because it's television that I like, and there's a rule that the studio therefore has to kill it. But in the meantime, I have new television!

Cut for spoilers )
In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This was incredibly difficult. My first thought was to choose a really good episode of something; but then the full extent of the prompt got me thinking, because there's movies and books to choose from as well. Also, the mention of "a favourite piece of canon" suggests that the choice shouldn't be a favourite episode, but a favourite thing that happens in a particular episode. Which complicated things even further. Eventually I narrowed it down to a shortlist of about twenty episodes, films and books; but since I had no over all favourite, I decided in the end to go for the one that's arguably the least well known. There's too much good stuff out there to try deciding whether one thing is better than all the rest; and small fandoms need support. Shortlist included at the end, just because.

... )
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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 23:36)
True Blood has announced its return date, although I think they actually did that several weeks ago, and I've only just noticed. Also there's a trailer! Well, more of a glimpse, but they call it a trailer. It'll be nice to have True Blood back. I've given up on The Mentalist now, Hawaii 5-0 decided that we weren't going to be friends anymore, and Ringer has gone away. Probably forever, as I was the only person who watched it. So True Blood could be the only television that I watch until Steven Moffat decides to give me Doctor Who back. There are Worries, however. Seasons one, two and three of True Blood were awesome in every way, except for how there was altogether too much Sookie. Season four was rubbish, though. And this will be season five, and I am suspicious of season fives by their very nature. Should that be seasons five? No, I don't think so. Consider the evidence, anyway:

The rather-too-involved Universal Theory Of Season Five. Also True Blood trailerage in screencappery. )
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( Mar. 10th, 2012 14:36)
Another one from the VHS collection here. If you were a member of the Methos & Kronos Mailing List (hosted by Yahoo, I think) back in 1997, then I once told you that I had these, and said that I'd get them internetted as soon as I was able. Well, it only took me fifteen years...

Peter Wingfield being very cool, in thirty second segments )
or something like that. As of today, Geocities is no more. It was supposed to be turned off on Monday, but I guess somebody forgot to flick the switch, or something. It's gone now, though. All those websites, over all those years. Never was the nostalgic type, but I can't help looking back now with a smile. They were simplistic, they had content of dubious quality, and most of us were very much learning the ropes as we went, but at one time Geocities had a page on just about everything. I think most of them had gone by the time of the switch-off, but back in the nineties, and the early bit of this decade, it was one hell of a community. Every TV show, every pop group, every movie actor - and half the world's pet dog, come to that. There was a page for all of them, usually with a background graphic of questionable taste, and text that wasn't quite laid out right. :D Images that overlapped the text, annoying MIDI files that couldn't be turned off, links that went nowhere... It was all at Geocities, along with the internet's own weight in pop-up advertising. Still, I liked it. Well, when I say "like"...

Seriously, though, there was good stuff at Geocities, back when I first started using the web properly. It was all set up in neighbourhoods, so you would always know which bit of it to look in, to find what you wanted. TelevisionCity for TV; SiliconValley for techy stuff; EnchantedForest for the kiddies. My page was in Area51, probably because I was really quite heavily into Dark Skies at the time. Then Yahoo bought it, and throttled it and killed it, and it was never quite the same again. Somewhere out there in the ether are the echoes of the original Methos Madness fansite, which was kind enough to host my first published fanfiction; of the Days Of Our Lives fansite, where we were all swapping video clips in the days before any of us had broadband (it was slow, but it was fun); of a certain Queen fansite, where some lovely bloke in Manchester gave me a bootleg recording of one of the shows on Roger Taylor's 1994 Happiness? tour; and of the hilariously primitive sci-fi site with attached forum, where two dozen of us used to gather to discuss each new episode of Babylon 5 and Dark Skies, like they were the second coming of Shakespeare or something. Wasn't easy having two dozen of us in there. One sneeze and the whole place would have crashed. :)

All gone now. Probably just as well if we're honest. Still... I do have a slight regret that it had to go. The WayBack Machine is a wondrous thing, but it can't save every page. Which again is probably just as well. If we're honest.

Ah well. You know, once upon a time people would ask each other where they lived on Geocities, just like asking for a street address. Yahoo killed all that when they took over, and removed the old neighbourhoods in favour of individual URLs, but since it's probably the last time that I shall write it anywhere:


And yes, it had bad background graphics, and malfunctioning images. But it was home. :)

PS: I think last.fm has developed a sense of humour. ;)



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