A week or so back, [personal profile] arnie1967 asked about favourite songs, and how they make us feel. It was an interesting question, but I didn't get around to answering it at the time. Kept thinking about it though, and with my usual inability to come to a decision about favourite songs, I shovelled a bunch of them into a folder, and then wrote down the first ten titles that resulted from a random play. This is the result, and it's a playlist that I'm very happy with. As to how they make me feel... Well, they're good songs, so I suppose the obvious answer is "good", but there is a bit more to that, at least occasionally.

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In honour of John Barrowman's 50th birthday today (11th March, for those of you awkward enough to have drastically different timezones), here's an old favourite from days gone by:

JB is celebrating by launching a t-shirt highlighting trans issues in the States. Go John.
Day ten, a show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving. My first reaction to that question was "Why would I watch a show if I thought I wouldn't like it?" So I nearly dismissed it out of hand. And then I remembered that it sort of did happen.

When the BBC announced that they were having a competition to find somebody to play Maria in The Sound Of Music, I can't say that I had any intention of watching it. A reality show? The BBC does Simon Cowell? Then they announced that John Barrowman was going to be one of the judges, and obviously he wasn't going to be horrible. And, yes, I may have been slightly high on Captain Jack at the time. So I figured what the hell, I'd give it a go. And bizarrely enough, I really enjoyed it. A live band, every week, with live singing and dancing from a bunch of genuinely talented young women. No nastiness, nobody made fun of, and everybody having what looked like a good time. I never got massively into it, as I never really cared who won, but it was an engaging show. Could have used more show tunes, rather than repackaged pop, but with a jazzy orchestra backing it all, it was fun. Then of course the following year they ran a search for a Joseph, and that one really did grab me. I loved that show. I cared who won; but even though there was one definite stand-out, I liked several of the other Josephs as well. It was good to see them perform each week, and I really enjoyed watching it. So whilst it was Any Dream Will Do that I loved, rather than How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, that's sort of nearly answering the question. And yes, I just admitted to having loved a reality show. I think I now have to go and do penance.
Given some of the utter tosh that I've watched over the years, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me to discover that I've also taped a lot of utter tosh. Mind you, even knowing that, it's weird what colonises the ends of video tapes, lurking in forgotten nooks and crannies, from back in the days when I used to use the things regularly. Some things are reasonable enough, if long forgotten. Others are just downright bizarre.

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