A week or so back, [personal profile] arnie1967 asked about favourite songs, and how they make us feel. It was an interesting question, but I didn't get around to answering it at the time. Kept thinking about it though, and with my usual inability to come to a decision about favourite songs, I shovelled a bunch of them into a folder, and then wrote down the first ten titles that resulted from a random play. This is the result, and it's a playlist that I'm very happy with. As to how they make me feel... Well, they're good songs, so I suppose the obvious answer is "good", but there is a bit more to that, at least occasionally.

Queen - Somebody To Love

I love this song. People always cite Bohemian Rhapsody as being Queen's crowning glory, and yes, that is a good song. It's certainly a hell of an achievement. I prefer this though. This is a particularly good live rendition. I love the energy of it live, and also the extra Roger vocals. The song isn't a cheerful one of course, at least in terms of subject matter, but somehow it's feel-good nonetheless.

Herman's Hermits - I'm Into Something Good

One of my all time favourite songs. I just love this one, utterly.

Gerry & the Pacemakers - I Like It

Like so much sixties pop, I first came to this song through the BBC's fabulous social history series, The Rock 'n' Roll Years, which mixed contemporary newsreel footage with music. My mother told me that her own mother disapproved of it massively, due to the line: "I like the way you let me come in when your mamma ain't there." That often still makes me smile.

Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca

Totally bounce worthy. :)

a-ha - Nothing Is Keeping You Here

So's this, though being a-ha it's inevitably bittersweet beneath the bounce. Mags has said that Norwegians don't do totally happy, and consequently they're incapable of doing a one hundred percent happy song! I don't know if that's true, but at any rate, whatever the underlying themes, this one just soars.

John Barrowman & Daniel Boys - I Know Him So Well

This one manages to make me happy just by existing.

Dean Martin - Dark Town Strutters Ball

It's Dean Martin singing a gloriously jazzy old song. Hard to beat that.

Dusty Springfield - I Only Want To Be With You

Another sixties pop song that I adore. I remember this from when it was in the charts when I was a very small kid. A fairly little-remembered band called the Tourists had a minor hit with a cover version in the late seventies (the band later split up, and half became the Eurythmics, who are rather better known). Dusty's version either got a re-release back then, or just got played a lot on the radio. Loved it madly ever since.

Frank Turner - I Still Believe

If you only listen to one song today - hell, this week - make it this one. This song could make an iceberg smile. "I still believe in the need for guitars and drums and desperate poetry..."

Bruce Springsteen - Better Days

Bruce Springsteen has lived with serious depression his whole life, and has given words to it more than once. Dancing In The Dark was always a bit of a theme song for my brain, but lately, maybe, it's this one instead. It's about that rocky, precarious clamber back up towards daylight; and with his love of twinning serious lyrics with bouncy tunes, the result is something that's fun as well as serious. "It's a sad man, my friends, who's living in his own skin, and can't stand the company." Indeed.

So there you have it. I think I'm going to save this playlist for another day. :)



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