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( Mar. 4th, 2016 20:04)
Memed from [livejournal.com profile] meathiel - spell your username in song titles. I restricted myself to songs on my hard drive to make it a bit more interesting (although I do have a lot of music on my hard drive, so I wasn't exactly restricting my choices by much!)

S - Somebody To Love, Queen
W - Wonderwall, Oasis
O - Obviously, McFly
R - Radio Nowhere, Bruce Springsteen
D - Don't Turn Around, Aswad
Z - Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie
N - Nothing Is Keeping You Here, a-ha
S - Suicide Is Painless, Manic Street Preachers
O - On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Dean Martin
R - Run To You, Bryan Adams
C - Carrie, Cliff Richard
E - Eee-O-Eleven, Sammy Davis, Jr
R - Rock This Joint, The Max Weinberg 7
Y - You Really Got Me, The Kinks

If I'd had the foresight to call myself Sswworddznssorcceery, I'd also have included the following:

Start Me Up, The Rolling Stones
What's The Frequency, Kenneth?, REM
Don't Be Cruel, Elvis Presley
Sunday Girl, Blondie
Come Dance With Me, Frank Sinatra
Electric Avenue, Eddy Grant

And my grateful thanks to David Bowie. If it hadn't been for Ziggy Stardust, I don't know what I would have done! Twenty years ago when I signed up for Geocities, that Z looked like a good idea. It does occasionally have its downside though...
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( Nov. 24th, 2015 20:25)
1977 was a busy year, I guess. For a lot of people it means only one thing - Elvis. Never quite sure whether or not I remember that, or if it's the fuss that there was on the first anniversary that I really recall. Certainly he was everywhere. Which is no bad thing, as at his best he was bloody good. There was a long time when a copy of one of his endless greatest hits was the only album that I owned (not counting a truly terrifying nursery rhymes LP, of which the least said the better).

Elsewhere in 1977, the queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee, and apparently there was a street party, at which my kind and considerate mother dressed me as a white rabbit. I'm happy to say that there appears to be no record of this event. Not that I would admit to it if there were. Mind you, it could have been worse. If the dressing up relics that remained in the wardrobe for years are anything to go by, one of my countless siblings went dressed as a cockerel. Or something orange and feathery, at any rate. Why we had to celebrate twenty-five years of queenliness by dressing as animals, I have no idea - but then, entertainment is scarce when you live in a field in the middle of nowhere. :)

Beneath the cut is my favourite Elvis song. And although I should be having a Queen-free day for a change, given the date today I would be somewhat remiss if I did. So, since it was released in this year, and since it's a huge favourite of mine, one of theirs is under there too. I can't help it. Sorry.

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