TV meme, shamelessly nicked from several people on my f-list. Behind a cut, because it's me, and I can't not waffle.

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Day seventeen, your favourite mini series. An easy one at last! This one doesn't even require thinking; it's obviously Return To Treasure Island. Yes, it's true that Sleepers is perfect in every way, and it's also true that Edge Of Darkness is spectacular, but - and this is very important - neither one of them is Return To Treasure Island. So that's that question settled.

Everybody should watch Return To Treasure Island. It should probably be compulsory. Not only does it have pirates, and buried treasure, and swords, and sailing ships, and everything that's good except dinosaurs and sharks, but it's really, really good as well. The only bad thing in the whole series is a painfully bad actor cast as a pirate in episode one, but he dies by the end of the episode, so even he doesn't get to ruin much. Everything else is perfect. Brian Blessed is the best Silver there could ever be, and his relationship with the grown up Jim Hawkins, played by Christopher Guard, is excellently realised. Peter Lloyd, as the Jamaican slave Abed, is a study in desperation and misery, growing into freedom. The bad guys are hissable, the fight scenes are excellent, and the whole thing is carried along with this wonderful spirit of adventure. Also, some stuff explodes. And did I mention the swords and the pirates? It's brilliant, basically. Just go and watch it.

In other news, I have been attempting to eat some chocolate, but it's melted. I had forgotten about summer. I haven't seen one in years. They're pretty good, aren't they. We really ought to have them more often.
Day eight, a show everyone should watch. Didn't we cover this just the other day? Oh well, another show then. One. This is a silly meme. It keeps making me choose just one thing, when I want everybody to watch all the shows. All of them. All the things that usually only I watch. And which to choose? I could go with Sleepers, which is four episodes of perfection, and just about everything that you could want your television to give you (even though absolutely nothing blows up). Or I could choose The Cape, because it's so much fun, and the poor thing was cut short in its prime. Or likewise Paradox, which never had any chance at all; and if you're reading this BBC, Emun Elliott really ought to be on your Doctor list. If he can't be one moody and quirky scientific genius, he might as well be another.

But I'm going to go with Adam Adamant Lives!. Which is strange, because the last series I chose also had an exclamation mark in the title, but it's not like I have a fetish, honest. Adam Adamant Lives! was a BBC series from 1966, made by quite a few of the original team behind Doctor Who, and sprinkled with a fair bit of Old Who zeal. Adam Adamant (aside from having a name that's surprisingly awkward to type) is a fabulously dashing, turn-of-the-century adventurer, who gets frozen in a block of ice by his evil nemesis The Face (not Dirk Benedict, although it's quite hard not to think of him at times). I think The Face wants to keep him as a house decoration, sort of like Jabba the Hut with Han Solo in his carbonite block, but something happens, and Adam eventually turns up under a road, where he gets thawed out by some road workmen in 1966. So there he is, in the middle of Swinging London, in his cape and his dicky bow, battling modern crooks with his swordstick, and being generally spiffing. And it's great. Gerald Harper is clearly having a glorious time in the lead, playing Adam with just the right amount of swagger, pomposity and general fun. He has the legally required young woman sidekick, who's practically a carbon copy of Jo Grant (or I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Jo Grant is a carbon copy of her), and together they fight crime. Adam largely fails at being at all sixties in his attitude, and completely fails to fight female crooks at all. Every time he meets one, he insists that she cease and desist her evilling, because "Madam! You are a lady!" At which point she usually caves his skull in with an umbrella, or something similarly handy. You'd think he'd get the hint, but he never does. Anyway, it's all a bit silly, and probably very slow by modern standards, but very entertaining. And it has swords. I probably could have just said that bit, and missed out the rest.

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