Dear Simon & Simon producers. Please stop making Jameson Parker take his shirt off. I'll grant you that he's got the physique for it, but it's painfully obvious that he's not the shirtless type. He's approximately brown from the elbows down and the neck up, but everything in between is a quite hilarious shade of lily white. It makes him look like an off-kilter chessboard.

In other news, I have discovered season one of The Young Riders on YouTube! Probably only [personal profile] emeraldarrows knows what I'm talking about there, but it's good, honest. I think only season one ever aired in the UK. I remember looking it up when I first got online a hundred years ago, and being baffled by talk of the Kid and Lou getting married. Presumably he also got a real name then, or maybe she was Mrs Kid? Anyway. I have no knowledge of such things. Season one is brill, anyways. ITV aired it at about four o'clock in the morning in the mid '90s, back when I had forgotten what sleep was, or was trying to forget, so my memory was blurry to say the least. So far it's proving to be just as good as I thought it was though. It has cowboys and shooting. Huzzah.

Um... Yes. That is all, shutting up.



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