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( Jan. 30th, 2015 15:52)
So, [livejournal.com profile] jekesta wrote a question fifteen for the shipping meme. I decided to steal it. Partly for the sake of completion, and partly because it amused me.

15. If #1 broke up, which characters from #2 or #3 would they each get together with?

Obviously Dayna and Tarrant never would split up, because they're Dayna and Tarrant, and who else could they possibly be with? Nobody else would gallivant so gleefully through the universe, blowing stuff up and shooting things with such gay abandon, whilst being chased by an entire galaxy full of foes. Apparently by choice. But if they did temporarily split up... well, this is a tough one, because trying to put them into a relationship with either #2 or #3 is hilarious. Firstly, they'd probably both eat Hammond. Secondly, Oliver's a car - and B7 canon says that hardly anybody in the future even knows what one is. He's a bit tiddly for them anyway. I suspect they'd prefer something with more zoom. And then there's Sean and Christian. Dayna would probably just shoot Sean; and if she didn't, Tarrant would. So as potentially the only one left alive, they'd both have to share Christian. Which could work. Given his psychological issues, he'd fit right in with the Liberator crew. I shudder to think how it would all end, though. Probably with it turning out that he'd slept with Servalan behind their backs, and inadvertently fathered the galaxy's next tyrant. But he'd be very apologetic about it, whilst simultaneously sleeping with the rest of the crew on the quiet. Ultimately, Avon would probably space him. In a moody montage featuring much vodka, and lots of angry sex with a stranger dressed as Travis.

Good old Christian. Ever a catalyst for things going wrong in all the ways.
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( Jan. 25th, 2015 19:33)
So, in an effort to post something that isn't Dempsey & Makepeace related, I decided to steal a meme from [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook. On the face of it, an odd choice, since it's shipping-related, and whatever the opposite of a romantic is, that's me. But whatever. It's a thinly-veiled excuse to womble on about television, so it's not that much of a stretch. Widely-ranging interests, apparently I doesn't has them. Well I do, but I handle them elsewhere.

So, the brief is to choose five OTPs before reading the questions, and then attempt to answer said questions. This was quite a struggle, as I had to choose five ships that I actually care something about. Having sweated over that for a bit, I surprised myself by actually caring quite a lot about the ones that I chose. Blimey. I'll be reading Mills & Boon next.

(No I won't. Not never ever ever). But anyway. Five ships, and none of them with pirates dangling from them:

01 Dayna/Tarrant (Blake's 7)
02 Hammond/Oliver (Top Gear)
03 Christian/Sean (Nip/Tuck)
04 Bill/Sookie (True Blood)
05 Donna/Josh (The West Wing)

Questions follow beneath the cut.

... )
Day nine, the best scene ever. Oh good grief... Meme, you are trying to drive me insane. I couldn't even choose one programme, let alone one scene. I did think maybe something from Babylon 5 or The West Wing, but you try narrowing it down to one bit of either of them. And then there's Buffy and Angel, both of which I love dearly. They both manage to combine comedy and drama in a way that I can't help but admire. But greatest? And then I thought about that fantastic scene between the two Jacks in the Torchwood episode "Captain Jack Harkness". The whole episode builds to it, and it's beautifully judged. But there again, the best scene ever? This is an insane question. So I'll fudge it, and go with one that made me ridiculously happy.

Back in 2005, I hadn't really been enjoying the new Doctor Who. I hadn't bonded with the new Doctor, and I'd found most of the writing to be too childish. But for months (probably nearly a year), Doctor Who Magazine had been muttering about a new guy. Nobody knew how many episodes he was going to be in; not at first. All we really had to begin with was one line: "A time-travelling Han Solo". And then, later, "a bisexual conman". Later on still, "bisexual" became "omnisexual", and several large chunks of the internet exploded, as angry conservatives flew into an endless rage about gay things being allowed in their programme. It was pretty crazy - and for a lot of reasons, I became very attached to Captain Jack long before he ever appeared. And then, scant weeks later, a bloody Dalek went and shot him. Time, pretty much literally, stopped. It actually can - that's a real thing. And yes, okay, he got an awesome, heroic death, and he went down fighting, but still. The bloody Daleks shot Jack! And then Rose did a weird thing, and there was shiny lighting and annoying music, and if I'd known how often we were going to be given that as a plot device in the years to come, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much. But it brought Jack back. And, yes, the Doctor was a bastard and ran off and left him, and poor old Jack, for all his immortality making him even more awesome, has never been written anything like so well since. But still. He came back! I have rarely been happier watching TV.

So there you go. It's not the best scene ever, but it's one that I very much appreciated. And it was either that or Richard Hammond playing conkers with cars on Top Gear. Yes, I know. But that's the good thing about having a very small brain. It's easily happied.



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