As a sequel to the last post, I now has BBC2 iconses. Oh yes.

Happy little '2' symbols. They are many. )
You know, whilst looking at old TV shows is fun, one of the really good things about hunting through all these video tapes is the other bits - the between programme bits. I suppose old adverts have some appeal, but what I really enjoy is the programme continuity. Old, animated menus, that they used to have on the BBC, to advertise the evening's schedule. Terribly serious men telling us during the end credits that so-and-so is currently appearing in pantomime in Dorset. Unexpected flashes of Andy Crane trying to make things work in the Broom Cupboard. I appear to be Phillip Schofieldless, which is peculiar, but Andy's good too. Best of all, though, are the idents. I have a bit of a thing for idents.

Warning, TV geekery within )



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