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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 23:36)
True Blood has announced its return date, although I think they actually did that several weeks ago, and I've only just noticed. Also there's a trailer! Well, more of a glimpse, but they call it a trailer. It'll be nice to have True Blood back. I've given up on The Mentalist now, Hawaii 5-0 decided that we weren't going to be friends anymore, and Ringer has gone away. Probably forever, as I was the only person who watched it. So True Blood could be the only television that I watch until Steven Moffat decides to give me Doctor Who back. There are Worries, however. Seasons one, two and three of True Blood were awesome in every way, except for how there was altogether too much Sookie. Season four was rubbish, though. And this will be season five, and I am suspicious of season fives by their very nature. Should that be seasons five? No, I don't think so. Consider the evidence, anyway:

The rather-too-involved Universal Theory Of Season Five. Also True Blood trailerage in screencappery. )
Also pirates, lesbians and Paul Reiser - who don't often appear together in the same place. (If you know differently, please tell me. As soon as possible).

Spoilers for tonight's Doctor Who )
I keep meaning to post about My Two Dads, and be annoyingly enthusiastic about it, but I have been distracted. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iceandstars pointing out that there are now innumerable episodes of Simon & Simon on YouTube, my productivity has fallen even further than usual, and I've been shirking my bouncy eighties sitcom duties. So I'll just have to be annoyingly enthusiastic about Simon & Simon instead.

Explosions! Car chases! Frequently inadvisable eighties hair! )
Though not necessarily in the same place. More from the late eighties in a moment, but for now it's still the late seventies, and the penultimate episode of Man From Atlantis. Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or there will be, once the warbling mergirl is out of the way.

Episode 16: The Siren

... )
In which I am stupidly enthusiastic about My Two Dads again.


But this time with added YouTubery!

Sorry. )
Episode 9: Man O'War

In which Man From Atlantis impresses me by getting steadily worse, and My Two Dads makes me laugh stupid amounts. With, once again, added YouTubery.

Sorry. It's a Paul Reiser thing. It appears to be entirely involuntary. )
Take one beardy artist with scary hair, add one bouncy financial advisor with a nice line in sarcasm, and mix well with a teenage daughter and quite a lot of gay jokes...

Yep, been watching TV again... )



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