I was going to watch this last week, but I got distracted by Simon & Simon. It's a very good distraction. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before the legions of the undead - not to mention the hordes of battling skeletons - won out; so, following on from Evil Dead II, here comes Evil Dead III. Got to say, I don't love this one as much. It begins well, and ends very well, but the entire middle section is basically The Three Stooges vs zombies; which probably sounds like a good idea to some people, but not to somebody who's allergic to slapstick. Anyway, the key ingredients remain, which is what's really important. Slightly bigger budget this time. Not entirely sure that you can call that a good thing.

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It seemed like I hadn't watched a film in ages, so last night I went rummaging in the DVD cupboard, and came up with Evil Dead II. Let's face it, nothing says Friday night quite like a gore-soaked, chainsaw-waving lunatic with a shotgun. (Other opinions are, of course, perfectly valid). No full scale recap here, because films are longer than episodes of TV shows, and I'm lazy. Also it was gone three in the morning, and I couldn't be bothered thinking too hard. Instead, here are some screencaps celebrating the fun that you can have when you go to an out-of-the-way cabin in the middle of a haunted wood, and inadvertently release the undead. Twice.

Never let it be said that learning from your mistakes is a good idea.

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