Dean and Jerry. Guaranteed to make you smile:

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( Jan. 31st, 2016 00:07)
[community profile] festivids went live! And lo there was much vidding, and music and wonderment. And I spent a lot of time, as is now custom when almost anything happens in Fanland, wondering quite when I got so out of touch, and what on earth all these fandoms actually are. For I am old and decrepit. But then! Then I found this, and my little cup didst overflow with joy and merriment. And yes, okay, so it's two years old, but the important thing is that I found it. I'm not good at up to date. Look at it! Look look! With the bouncing and the falling and the giggling, and the more giggling. I'm impressed at the complete lack of snogging, actually (although there is licking). I'm not selling this too well, am I. Never mind me, I'm just grinning like an idiot over here in my seventy-year-old fandom.

Oh, and I found this too, which actually is from this year. Modernity, I has it! Well no I don't, technically, because although it's a this year vid, it's for Flash Gordon, which came out in 1980. But that's a little bit modern. Maybe? Oh, who cares anyway. Being up to date is so passé. *cough*

Seventy years. Blimey.
TV meme, shamelessly nicked from several people on my f-list. Behind a cut, because it's me, and I can't not waffle.

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( May. 27th, 2010 19:27)
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( Apr. 10th, 2010 15:33)
I've recently been bitten by the Dean Martin bug again. It happens every so often, generally without any warning, and leaves me endlessly looking up clips on YouTube, and putting his records on a loop. Well, we all have our afflictions. Anyway, this time it's caused something of a revelation; and given the contents of a post that I made almost exactly three years ago, it seemed only fair to post again on the same subject now. It's sort of a Jerry Lewis issue, see. Three years ago, I suggested that he was about as funny as a smack on the head. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I don't think I was quite that complimentary. It's the films that they made. He really is genuinely annoying in most of them, and I never did quite understand why he has so many fans - or what Dino was doing hanging out with the guy in the first place. I am now, however, extremely happy to have been proved wrong; and it's all down to the Colgate Comedy Hour - a half-scripted, half-adlibbed, half-musical, half-shambolic free-for-all that the boys used to do on NBC. Oh he still annoys me at times, and nobody will ever convince me that he was the true comic half of that duo, but he is good. I guess the live environment of the Colgate show is a more natural one for him, but whatever the reason, he genuinely is good in it. They both are. The adlibs, the fun, the energy and the chaos - it all has such appeal. I always did have a thing for the black and white era, and time is doing nothing to cure me of that. Not that I want it to.

Anyway, my apologies to Jerry Lewis for ever having doubted him (he does of course read this all the time). Beneath the cut, for those who care, not to mention for those who don't, is a selection of Dean Martin being the coolest man alive; and also one of the silliest. Trust me, you haven't lived until you've seen John Wayne flirting with Dino, whilst lip-synching to Frank Sinatra. It's well-nigh perfect viewing, even if it isn't in black and white.

TV always seems to have been much so more fun then. Everybody seemed to guest on each other's shows all the time, and enjoy themselves so much in the process. Also, there was Dean Martin - and that's got to be worth building a time machine for.

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Been watching Martin & Lewis movies again, this time Scared Stiff from 1953. I know I've seen much the same film, but starring Bob Hope in the Dino role. It's based on a play, though, so there's probably been several adaptations. Lovely scene at the end, when the boys, thinking that they've seen all that the haunted house has to offer, see one last terrifying thing behind a secret panel - skeletons with the heads of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. What a lovely conceit. That sort of thing used to happen a lot more often in those days; and of course Dino and Jerry cropped up in one of the Road movies, too. Bali, was it? It's a shame that actors don't pop up in each other's films nowadays. It gave these things such a nice family atmosphere somehow.

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What's the attraction of Jerry Lewis? I can't figure it out. I mean, it's not like I don't find him funny - some of the time, and in small doses - but half of the time I really can't work out why he's so popular. I've always liked (some of) the Martin & Lewis films, but I've always found Dino ten times funnier than Jerry. Been rewatching a few the last couple of days, which I guess is what got me thinking about it.

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