I keep saying that I'm going to post more, and yet somehow it never seems to happen! [personal profile] corvidology recently came up with an interesting idea, however - making February "Things I Love" month. This has potential. On the other hand, I doubt my ability to think of twenty-eight things that I love. Twenty-eight different dinosaurs? Well, we'll see.

But in the meantime, Festivids happened! And this year, some wonderful vidder has come up with an utterly perfect MacGyver vid (proper MacGyver, that is, not the remake). It's here. Two and a half minutes of bouncy fun, and things blowing up. What more could you ask for? (Except possibly dinosaurs.)

I was also very much amused by this one, which is a celebration of the gloriously hokey 1955 movie It Came From Beneath The Sea, in which an unfortunately six-tentacled octopus is driven up from the depths by hydrogen bomb testing, and terrorises San Francisco. And it's a Ray Harryhausen octopus, which makes it even better. And look! I found this awesome Danger 5 one, that I somehow missed at the time. I loved that show. It was utterly barking.

Hope everybody has had a good weekend.



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