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( Jul. 31st, 2017 20:56)
I don't think I've done one of these in a while. I don't seem to have done much of anything in a while, except race about the countryside in a whirl, attempting to Get Things Done. Still, on the plus side, one of the Things to get Done is the allotment, which has just started to produce profusions of runner beans, courgettes (bright yellow ones this year!) and raspberries. So I'm tired, but also well fed.

Anyways, I'm reading an especially good book at the moment. I don't really know what it's about, although I'm more than three quarters through - or, that is, I have absolutely no idea where it's heading, or why, but I do sort of know what it's about. Something Awful just happened, and I'm frightfully annoyed, but still loving the book, and looking forward to getting back to it. Seriously, the prose is an utter joy. It's called Golden Hill, and it's by somebody called Francis Spufford. It's about a young man who arrives in 18th century New York, and it's entirely written in 18th century style - so it's a sort of pastiche, in the same way that Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is, although set rather earlier. Apparently it won the Ondaatje prize (I don't believe I've ever heard of that, but Google tells me its quite prestigious). I recommend it unhesitatingly, if you are not scared off by meandering prose, and sentences that can go on for months.

Telly-watching-wise, I've now seen the first episode of Marchlands, so can claim to have actually seen our new Doctor in something. It's an ITV drama from a few years back, set in three different time zones (the 1960s, the 1980s, and whenever now was at the time). A young girl dies in the sixties, and her ghost makes friends with another young girl in the eighties. It clearly has some knock-on effect for the modern lot, but I haven't found out what yet. That will presumably come later. Jodie Whittaker is the dead girl's mother, and has dark hair, so I didn't recognise her at first. A Yorkshire accent - I wonder if she will keep that. So far it's diverting enough. If you're in the UK, she'll be on the BBC from August 8th, incidentally, in a new series. Trailer here. It also stars Emun Elliot who - after the eternal Paterson Joseph, naturally - was my first choice for the 13th Doctor, so I can amuse myself watching them both being doctors together. If I remember to watch it. Eagle-eyed viewers will of course recognise him from Paradox, The Paradise, and Los Malvados (cough).

There are probably other things, but I do not remember them. So I may just go and collapse in a heap. Albeit a slightly satisfied and accomplished-feeling one. With a nice book.
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( Aug. 25th, 2014 19:30)
Interesting one here. A short film (twenty minutes), posted on the net by its creator. Legal films on the internet?! Whatever next! It's about a boy whose father yearns to be an astronaut, and it stars Siobhan Redmond (Between The Lines, The High Life, Bulman) and Emun Elliott (Paradox, The Paradise, Los Malvados (cough)). It's odd, but in a good way.

Mission from Phase VI on Vimeo.

In other news, I watched the pilot of Starsky & Hutch, possibly for the first time. It's strange watching it, as it's basically all the bits from the opening credits, strung together with a bit of plot. And the wrong music. And the wrong Captain Dobie. And Starsky's hair is much too short. Pilots are weird that way. Nothing could be quite so weird as the Bonanza pilot, but it's always odd watching a familiar series testing itself out. Like The A-Team, when Face has the wrong head, or Kojak, which doesn't have Crocker in it, or Babylon 5, where everything looks like it's made out of cardboard, and G'Kar is a completely different shape.

In other other news, it's wet. And cold. Make it stop being wet and cold please. Thank you.
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( Dec. 8th, 2013 21:46)
The Paradise ended. I am bereft. What will I do without my fabulously preposterous Victorian shop?! Never have I fallen in love with a more unlikely television series - and, as if to add insult to injury, it ended without explosions, gunfire, or even swords. I still hope for a duel between Moray and Weston, although they have rather set the latter up to suggest that he'd turn tail and flee were Moray ever to set propriety aside and challenge him. Dash it all. Still, at least now it's over I can go back to things that explode. Whilst hoping very much that it'll return next year, and seduce me, against my better judgement, all over again.

In other news, I was writing Christmas cards earlier, and I've now got glitter all over my jeans. They're black, so I currently look like a refugee from a New Romantic band. Or at least my legs do. The rest of me is still more Bruce Springsteen dragged through a hedge backwards.

My desk is covered in glitter as well. I'd swear there wasn't this much on the cards to begin with. I suppose I'd better at least attempt to clear it up, or next thing I know I'll have New Romantic cats to go with the jeans. As ever, December is full of little obstacles. But also mince pies, which is no help at all, I know, but still.
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( Nov. 5th, 2013 19:43)
More season one watching of The Paradise, and they killed Rory! Is this some new television law?! Although he was a git in a stupid suit, so he may have deserved it.

In other news, I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be November 5th. Either that or the Cotswolds has suddenly declared war on somebody. Don't blow me up before tonight, anybody. Sleepy Hollow finally came back this week, and I haven't watched it yet.
So, I've been catching up on The Paradise season one, since I failed to know that it existed at the time, and I've been ridiculously delighted by episode three. Not for any particular plot point, although I'm enjoying the story too - far more than my pride would probably like me to admit - but because who should turn up but the DS from Paradox. In a beard and appropriate period garb, but still unmistakably DS Miserable. He's not miserable in The Paradise though. Nobody is. They're so ridiculously happy about their giant, improbable shop, and they spend lots of time smiling at each other. Even Emun Elliott and DS Miserable, who should, were there any fairness in the universe, still be glowering at each other in a telescope control room. But I'm straying from the point (although it's probably news that there was one).

Happy memories of Paradox was probably the point. And also sorry sighing, and wishing that I was watching Emun Elliott with stubble and a glower, investigating weird pictures from space, rather than in a possibly sentient moustache and beardy arrangement, tussling with his evil ex. Since the titles of both shows feature an all-important word beginning with 'Parad', what are the chances of the scriptwriters being easily confused, and giving me a story in which the giant, improbable shop starts receiving images from space, and the staff have to investigate? Moray could shave off the moustache, and form an unlikely alliance with the gang up in Ladieswear, dashing about Victorian England in a carriage and trying to change the future.

Yes, I know. Shut up. I do miss Paradox though. The Paradise is far more fun than anything involving shopping has any right to be, but it's not Paradox, and there are times, amidst the fun, when it seems a little unfair to throw me formerly miserable detective sergeants to rub it in further. I don't ask a lot, television. I don't think it's too much to expect you to give me a giant, historical department store that fights crime. You never know, it might catch on.

(Heavy sigh).

I really am enjoying The Paradise though. For all its refusal to feature time-travelling photographs and a surly astrophysicist, it's genuinely entertaining. Nobody is more surprised about this than me.
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( Oct. 28th, 2013 01:24)
Somebody save me. I've started to watch The Paradise. And enjoying it, quite unfathomably. There's been two episodes so far, and nobody has hit anybody else, there's been no swords, no dashing about on horseback, no car chases (sorry - carriage chases), and not so much as a glimpse of a gun or an explosion. There were some fireworks tonight, but that's as close to stuff blowing up as I fear we're likely to get. It's just people selling dresses to rich ladies, and other people plotting about revenge and shopping. Also, Emun Elliott actually smiling, which surely he must know is forbidden? He's supposed to lurk in shadows being intense. This is about as far from my usual viewing as it's possible to get without involving telephone voting or people playing sport.

I cannot understand it. I'm not even sure how I ended up watching it last week, but this week I actually watched it on purpose. It's an utterly ridiculous programme, but a beautifully made one. And everything looks wonderful, and the cast is excellent, but none of that disguises the fact that it's bonkers. Or that it's about shopping. Maybe something will blow up next week, and set my mind at rest? Maybe Emun Elliott and his new evil nemesis will have a duel? Or their alarming facial hair will battle it out, like deer with their antlers? Or what are the chances of pirates? Do nineteenth century department stores often have piracy issues? I don't think it's by the sea, but it's a bit hard to tell, since half the cast is Scottish and trying to pretend that they're not, and everybody else is a bit hard to pin down.

This week a radical feminist lesbian turned up, and although her theories on women in the workplace caused a mild stir, nobody even blinked at the revelation that she was gay. Emun Elliott knew already, and seemed to think it was rather splendid, and when she tried to seduce his girlfriend nobody else seemed to consider it unusual. Hurrah for the eighteen sixties. Maybe we should all be living there. Except for the lack of explosions. Really, you'd think something in a gigantic department store could be mildly explosive. A gas lamp maybe? I shall be spending the rest of the series hoping for fisticuffs. Don't let me down, BBC.

On a side note, Emun Elliott is looking more and more like a good choice for a future Doctor (so long as the facial hair gets culled). He'll have to keep the pocket watch and waistcoat, and then I think we'll have him for #14. #13 is going to be Paterson Joseph of course. Yes it is, damn it. Shut up.



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