Or at least, that's the plan...! Spearheaded by [personal profile] corvidology, February is 'Things I Love' month. And okay, I don't just love dinosaurs. I also love sharks, and swords, and car chases, and things going "Boom!" Also tea. But first and foremost, it's always been dinosaurs. So:

Day 01: Starting with the best - my favourite dinosaur, Eocarcharia dinops. I've always had a soft spot for the carcharodontosaurids. Shark-toothed dinosaurs! What's not to love? (They didn't eat fish, it just refers to the shape of the teeth.) Eo dates from the early Cretaceous period, some 110 million years ago, in Niger, and the name (chosen largely due to a heavy brow) means "fierce-eyed dawn shark". That's cool even if you're not a dinosaur and shark obsessive. Although I don't quite understand why you wouldn't be.


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