Haven't done this in a while, as I haven't been watching anything much of late, save Doctor Who and Agents Of SHIELD; and talking about stuff that everybody is watching seems a bit pointless somehow. I have been reading though, and I've just finished a book that felt worth a mention. It's called The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, by Jöel Dicker, and it's a big, chunky, 600+ page whodunnit about a schoolgirl who was murdered in the summer of 1975, and the investigation that begins when her body is discovered in 2008. Although it's so big, it's a very easy read, and I found myself getting through it very quickly. So if anybody feels like a murder story that bounces about from year to year, and keeps throwing interesting hooks at you, that would be a good one to go for. Originally written in French, apparently, although I read it in English.

On the watching front, one thing that I did do was rewatch the first episode of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell today. Wednesday will be the second anniversary of the show's debut, so it felt like a good time. It's still fab. I'm appreciating Vincent Franklin as the brilliantly smarmy Drawlight a little more this time around, now that my attentions aren't so taken up with Strange and Norrell themselves. Also, he and Lascelles do some quite splendid snide bickering - typical bored, rich men about town, indulging in gossip, and getting their entertainment from other people's misfortunes. They're great side characters in the book, and they also work well in the series. If I could change anything in episode one, I think I should have liked to have seen a little more of Segundas. His role as a sort of magical fanboy is rather effective. It's nice to be seeing it all again.

This week's Last.fm top five artists:

Blondie (due in part to their new album, so I am a little bit up to date!)
Dean Martin
The Equals
Manic Street Preachers
Caro Emerald

In other news, I've decided to do that music meme that's knocking about, but since I've been completely incapable of choosing a song for the first question (I'm supposed to randomly choose one with a colour in the title, but who can randomly choose a song?), I've decided that it has to be from one of the above artists. So beneath the cut are the Equals with Black Skin Blue-Eyed Boys (released in 1970, and this is from a TV appearance in 1971).


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Ooh, I read that a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it! Nice to know someone else did too :) I nearly accosted someone in an airport because they were reading it just after I finished it and I wanted to say "what do you think?!?"
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save Doctor Who and Agents Of SHIELD; and talking about stuff that everybody is watching seems a bit pointless somehow.

Hee, I know what you mean! It's much more fun when everyone has to take your word for it, really. Discussion, what's that? ;-)

I'm glad you're enjoying your rewatch, and you've a way to go before you reached the dreaded betrayal of episode 7!

The books sounds rather like the premise of Unforgotten, which makes it sound v intriguing.
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I think I did; I don't think I liked it very much!!

I mean, I watched New Tricks, although that was also for the team. Unforgotten does it very well for TV, though.
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There were never any definite answers, for one thing.

Ah, yes, it must have been the one I'm thinking of, then, and, yes, I think that was why I didn't like it. It really upset me at the time.


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