Come join in at [community profile] tic_tac_woe, and get a bingo card that lets you destroy the world nine times over! (if you manage to complete it). Wipe out humanity; you know you've always wanted to. My card is beneath the cut. Slightly bothered by "return of the dinosaurs", since they've never actually left. I'm assuming it means the toothy kind, although personally I wouldn't put anything past a pelican.

Everyone loses x ability Time goes backwards/Big Crunch Evolution/absorbed into new species
Rogue superbeing/omnicidal maniac WILD CARD Nuclear holocaust
Return of the dinosaurs Genetic experimentation Super volcanoes

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From: [personal profile] jekesta

I keep seeing these cards on my flist, and so far I haven't seen a single category that wouldn't make an amazing snooker fic.
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From: [personal profile] thisbluespirit

I am totally happy with people claiming a card just to keep it somewhere for their own snooker-related amusement. I mean, stuff made and shared is good, but just generally making the world happier in some tiny way is fine by me.

(And, yeah, return means dinosaurs of the type that aren't around any more and could cause humans to be extinct by killing them all.)


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