Day Seven: A song to drive to.

I've been thinking about this for ages, and I can't think of anything that shouts "Drive to me!" Road To Hell, or Road To Nowhere perhaps, but that would only be wilful silliness, and not a proper answer at all. There is music that I associate with driving though, so I guess it's going to have to be some of that.

Story time: My father doesn't like music. I know, it's incomprehensible, but the only time I've ever known him listen to music is when he's driving. On long car journeys he'd put music on, so that he could ignore the rest of us; and since he doesn't like music, he seemed to own just the two albums. One was Guy Mitchell's Greatest Hits, and the other was a triple cassette of mostly pre-rock 'n' roll fifties hits. Those two albums were the soundtrack of every family holiday, and every harried roadtrip across the country to visit the grandparents. The Guy Mitchell album was fab. I copied it as soon as I had the facilities, and then years later I converted it to mp3. I've never been able to find that exact version on CD, and I rather like my faintly scratchy-sounding version, anyway. The fifties album veered from the good (Tennessee Ernie Ford singing Sixteen Tons (see Day Two); Jim Dale's rather fab Be My Girl), to the spectacularly awful (The Obernkirchen Children's Choir singing The Happy Wanderer (though in English, unlike the version on YouTube)). Oh and ye gods, I just remembered: Diana Decker singing Poppa Piccolino.

So there's your driving music. I have given you good, I have given you bad. But since I can never resist the opportunity, I shall also give you Guy Mitchell, because frankly everybody should listen to him. This song tastes of the Cornish coast. Driving along little lanes, craning out of the window for the first sight of the sea. Summer and salt wind (and driving). So here you are: Guy Mitchell and Look At That Girl.


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