Day 06: Now this one's fun. Years ago, a pair of massive fossilised arms were found in Mongolia, dating from the late Cretaceous (about 70 million years ago). Nothing else was found in the area, and for some fifty years, people argued about these massive arms, with their big claws. What did the rest of the dinosaur look like?! Without a head it's hard to tell whether you have a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore. Then, eventually, better specimens were found, and Deinocheirus mirificus took shape. An ornithomimosaur (bird mimic), it was a big, bulky, possibly at least partially feathered humpback, that seems to have eaten just about everything going. Wiki has a picture of the original arms here, with a woman for scale, and you can see a lovely (soundless, so safe for work) video simulation of it being a total dork here.


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