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To those 'of a certain age', Brian Cant basically is childhood. Thanks, Brian. It was fun.
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Aww. My memories of Playaway are very dim and muddled, and it wasn't my favourite, but I did like Brian Cant nevertheless. (I used to have it confused with Jigsaw, which I liked much more, but Googling tells me that Brian wasn't in both, despite my childhood memories trying to tell me otherwise. In fact, Jogsaw was practice for later love of DW, with Sylvester McCoy and John Leeson!)

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Oh, I know he did a lot of things; but I'd had in my head he was in both Play Away and Jigsaw for some reason. I think Bric-A-Brac is where I knew and liked him from; I used to enjoy that when I was tiny - but too tiny to have a clue who the presenter actually was!


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